Music is an essential part of daily life. To some, it’s so vital that it’s played continuously all day, with the selections evolving as the day goes on, adapting to fit your mood. This is how Jordyn Barratt feels about music, and she finds herself listening to more as isolation precautions continue. Get a little taste of what Jordyn has been regularly listening to, both on and off the board, with the playlist below.

Do you play music in the mornings?
Yeah, I pretty much play music constantly. In the mornings, I’d probably say it’s more reggae and Hawaiian-type music.

How does it progress from there? When you’re getting ready to go skate, do you switch up the jams?
Before I’m skating, I’m pretty all over the place with my music. Anywhere from pop and rap to rock-n-roll type music.

Do you have a go-to playlist that you listen to while competing?
I do, but it changes. I would say the only constant is old punk music like Misfits or Black Sabbath – things like that.

On Rotation Jordyn Barratt
Photo Credit: MRZ

Where would you say your music taste comes from?
I got my music taste growing up from my mom, the older style classic rock like Talking Heads, Fleetwood Mac, and things like that. As I got a little older—12, 13, 14, 15—through those years, I was skating with a lot of older pros like Bucky Lasek, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, and they showed me the ropes of early punk.

Any new artist or albums you’ve been listening to lately?
Billie Elish and Post Malone are my top two for today’s artists.

Do you remember the last live show you attended?
I love concerts. The last one I went to was a festival called Wonderfront. It was in downtown San Diego right on the water. It was cool because it was a lot of reggae and other stuff too, but then Tony Hawk did a demo, and I skated at it. Part of Tony’s deal of doing the demo was listening to some of the people who played the music. It was a lot of reggae and other stuff too, but I ended up watching Slightly Stoopid, Pennywise, and Suicidal Tendencies. It was the first time they ever did that festival. It was pretty cool.

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