In this On Rotation music interview, we tap in with mini ramp champ Dave Bachinsky as he gives us the inside scoop of his favorite type of music. Serving up a variety of music, Dave likes to listen to it all and mixes classics from Neil Diamond and Public Enemy to current day hype from Yelawolf and Machine Gun Kelly. Learn more about Dave’s favorite tunes, his go-to skate video part for rainy days, podcasts on cryptocurrency, and more below.

First question, what genre of music do you listen to?
I got a variety of all kinds of genres. I mean, Talking Heads to Future Islands, Alex Cameron, classic Beastie Boys. It could go from like, Florence + the Machine to Rick Ross like I never know what I’m getting, you know I like variety.

How big of a role does music play in your day-to-day life?
I love music, but I just drove cross country, so I’m a little burnt out and trying to find something new.

on rotation dave bachinsky
Photo Credit: Ortiz

Are you big into podcasts at all? What kind of topics do you listen to?
Yeah, I have a ton of podcasts. Over the last year, I’ve been really dialing in financials, and the cryptocurrency market has just blossomed. So I follow a lot of The Pomp podcast, and there’s a new one called Modern Finance by Kevin Rose, but those two podcasts keep me up to date and learning little insights of the next upcoming things that people are doing business wise.

You mentioned traveling cross country, was someone with you on this trip and who takes the DJ role?
My wife and I actually went back to the northeast; her family’s from there, and so is mine. But she listens to these gnarly, unsolved mystery podcasts, and I cannot listen to those (laughs). I stick to the music; that’s my thing. I like some classic goodness and open roads. With those, you’re living good.

Do you listen to music while skateboarding with headphones?
I can’t do headphones. I got to see what’s around me and hear everything. But Yelawolf definitely gets the sesh kick-started.

Is that the same during a competition?
Yeah, and I’m always the guy sitting next to the guy listening to headphones.

on rotation dave bachinsky
Photo Credit: Ferra

Any skate videos that stand out in your mind because of the music?
If you’re on a rainy day and you want to listen to some goodness and watch some goodness, 411 issue 63, Rockefeller issue with Mikey Taylor, Scott Kane best parts out. Get there.

Last question, if you had clips ready to go for a video part and could use any song all rights free, what song would you pick?
Neil Diamond’s Cracklin Rosie.

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