The Men’s Snowboard Super Streetstyle competition closed out Dew Tour on Sunday night with Nate Haust emerging triumphant after three rounds, beating out Benny Milam and Dylan Alito in the Final. 

“It honestly feels unreal and a bit unexpected, I’m not gonna lie,” Haust said after the awards ceremony. “I was kind of battling with some injuries for the earlier part of the season but had some luck last week at a rail jam in Salt Lake City and kept the momentum going tonight, and here we are: it feels incredible.”

Benny Milam
Photo Credit: Clavin
Benny Milam

The competition started with three heats of four riders in Round 1, with two riders advancing from each heat. 

From Heat 1, the top scores went to Milam and Alito, beating out Joey Fava and Jack Mundahl to advance. In Heat 2, Nate Haust and Mo Amsuess advanced, beating out Brandon Davis and Grant Giller. And in Heat 3, Sam Klein and LJ Henriquez advanced, beating out Darcy Sharpe and Lenny Mazzotti.

nate haust wins dew tour 2023
Photo Credit: Yoshida

Brandon Davis
Photo Credit: Yoshida
Brandon Davis

Round 2 featured head-to-head battles. 

First up was Mo Amseuss versus Benny Milam. The advantage went to Milam, with a Run 1 pass featuring a 270 on 270 off on the firecracker waterfall rail, a gap to backside lipslide, boardslide gap transfer to boardslide from the fence rail, and a 50-50 to backside 180 from the donkey-kick kink rail at the bottom of the course.

Mo Amsuess

Next up was LJ Henriquez versus Nate Haust, with Haust advancing: his Run 1 pass was a teaser of what he’d bring to the Final, with a Cab 270 on to 450 out from the down rail at the top of the course, a boardslide gap to frontside boardslide, and a gap backside 270 on 270 of on the flat to down rail. 

Dylan Alito

In the Dylan Alito versus Sam Klein matchup, Alito won out with a backside 180 to switch nosepress 180 out, frontside 270 bring back, Cab 180 to 50-50 on the Jersey barrier, and 50-50 to frontside 270 on the wall feature.

That sent Milam, Haust, and Alito to the three-man Final, to be judged on their best of two runs. 

Haust shut it down in Run 1, with his Cab 270 to same way 450 on the down rail, switch backside 270 to switch on the box feature, switch boardslide gap to frontside boardslide bring back, and a backside 270 lipslide to 270 out.

Nate Haust

“That Cab 270 to same way 450 is one of my favorite tricks,” Haust said of his opening trick, which also earned him the Papa John’s Flip It Award for best trick of the night. “I was just trying to do what felt right, and it worked out well for me.”

Milam’s Run 2 pass was his best pass, and after a long moment of pondering from the judges, he bumped into 2nd place ahead of Alito for a run featuring a frontside lipslide to same way 270 off from the waterfall rail, a polejam 50-50 to backside 360 gap transfer to 50-50 on the down rail, a boardslide transfer to boardslide pretzel from the fence rail, and a half-Cab pole jam 50-50 to backside 360 gap transfer.

LJ Heriquez

“It felt good just to make it through to the final – dude, I can’t believe it! — I kind of had a feeling Nate Haust was gonna take it because he’s been on a tear, but that was a blast,” Milam said. 

Alito, in from the alternate list as a last-minute addition to the field, finished 3rd after a Run 1 pass with a backside 180 to switch nosepress 180 out, frontside 270, Cab 270, and polejam boardslide 270 to the wall feature to 270 out.

Darcy Sharpe

“I went from third alternate to third place, so that’s absolutely fantastic,” Alito said. “It’s been a long, long road, you know, and I felt for a long time like my snowboard career was going downhill, pun intended. So to get back, now the oldest in the field at 32, and have these chances and have good sponsors helping me out who want me here feels so validating. There are a lot of good people in the industry I owe thanks to, and especially Sarah Castaneda for giving me this chance to come and ride, and it’s just awesome. It’s cool to be on the podium as the oldest dude here.”

Sam Klein

Men’s Snowboard Super Streetstyle Results:

1.) Nate Haust, 91.33
2.) Benny Milam, 90.00
3.) Dylan Alito, 88.00

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