Skateboarding’s beloved Lizzie Armanto listens to alternative sounds from all corners of the world, including French psych-punk La Femme, Swiss singer Vendredi Sur Mer, and English classics like Duran Duran. Scroll below to learn how Lizzie selected songs for her recent video part Onward and dream video part song, and stream her curated playlist in On Rotation.

To start, what’s your favorite type of music to listen to?
I jump around genres depending on what I’m feeling. Mostly I listen to alternative.

Name some of your current favorite artists/songs?
Lately, I’ve been listening to La Femme, Abba, Metronomy, Orville Peck, and Blood Orange. 

Where does your music inspiration come from?
Growing up, my mom played alternative and industrial music like Duran Duran, The The, The Cure & Depeche Mode. Lately, I’ve been enjoying listening to music in different languages like French and Spanish.

lizzie armanto on rotation
Photo Credit: Dangaard

How big of a role does music play in your day-to-day life?
I spent a lot of time driving all over, and tunes make that much more pleasant. I also love skating with music but don’t like the responsibility of picking music. 

Do you like to organize your songs into playlists in any particular way?
I actually prefer putting on radios, so I don’t have to pick the queue. 

Favorite music artist/band you were obsessed with as a kid?
I used to be obsessed with No Doubt/Gwen Stefani.

lizzie armanto on rotation
Photo Credit: Kanights

What would your dream song be if you had a video part ready to drop and could pick any song to use rights-free?
Crazy in Love by Beyonce.

Onward was your first video part in five years. What was the process like for picking songs for that piece?
I started by going through my library and tried to see what songs I felt my skating could work with. I made a list and sent it over to Greg Hunt to help narrow it down. Last minute one of the rights to the songs didn’t go through, so we scrambled for a backup, which ended up being a La Femme song. I like it better than the original pick.

Who got to pick the song for Till Death Do Us with you and Axel? Did you two go back and forth on a few before landing on one?
Chris Gregson talked about scoring a song to a video part while we were filming for Onward. Then when it came to this project, he and a mutual friend, Josh Landau, linked about making that happen. Axel and I loved how it all came together.

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