Things here at Copper Mountain capped off on Saturday night with the rowdiest event Dew Tour has to offer, Streetstyle. Based on the nature of urban skiing, Streetstyle is a rail jam formatted contest involving athletes that we don’t typically see on the contest scene, but rather the characters we tend to see in film parts. For the ladies line up, there were heavy hitters like recent Level 1 SuperUnknown winner Skye Clarke, K2’s latest recruit Mckenna Brown and your favorite skier’s favorite skier, Taylor Lundquist. Also in the mix were some of the names we saw in Slopestyle this week, like Eileen Gu, Kelly Sildaru, and Johanne Killi.

kelly sildaru wins streetstyle
Photo Credit: Walter
Kelly Sildaru.

“The level of skiing right now is unfathomable to me. Super insane riding and the fact that I’m in the mix is really cool,” Lundquist said in regards to women’s skiing. She’s been paving a new path when it comes to street skiing, with stand-out performances in films by Strictly, as well as being the first woman to compete in X Games Real Ski. Lundquist brought her signature style to the competition, with a super sick back 270 out off the cannon to close out, capping blunt on it.

johanne killi
Photo Credit: Walter
Johanne Killi.

However, since street skiing is not a genre of skiing made to be judged, it makes it incredibly hard to try and quantify it. The tricks that were rewarded were not judged so much by style but rather the technicality. This allowed for the same names we’ve seen in slopestyle to do very well. Kelly Sildaru pulled both first place and best trick with a back three swap on the down flat down and also did a super-fed. Super feds aren’t as cool as K-feds, but we’ll take it.

Eileen Gu
Photo Credit: Walter
Eileen Gu.
Eileen collecting hardware all weekend at Dew Tour.

Johanne Killi took second with a sick two on pretzel two out, and a switch k-fed on the down flat down. Eileen Gu had a switch lip two pretzel two and a superfed on the flat to flat rail that landed her in third.

It’s refreshing to watch a mix of both contest and non-contest skiers in the same environment, and the jam format takes off the pressure of only having two or three runs. Skiing needs more rail jams, as it is the best way to encourage growth at a grassroots level. It’s nice to have a contest at the caliber that Dew Tour, puts on such an event, and sheds light on a different kind of skiing that we don’t typically see with this kind of platform.

Women’s Ski Streetstyle Results

1.) Kelly Sildaru
2.) Johanne Killi
3.) Eileen Gu

Best Trick – Eileen Gu
Switch Lip 270 Pretzel 270

Women’s Ski Streetstyle: Full Livestream Broadcast | Dew Tour Copper 2021

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