The women of snowboard slopestyle sent it into the wind to initiate their series of events for the week at Dew Tour Breckenridge. The women’s qualifier saw breaks in the skies making for better light than what the men’s event experienced, but slight winds kicked up to add another unforeseen factor. Though the winds were not severe, it was not until the eighth woman dropped in did they see a full pull on the course.

Brooke Voigt was that rider, and she played it smart with seemingly basic tricks up top but then she unleashed an impressive switch backside 540. Unfortunately for Voigt, her first run score was not enough to advance her into the final. Enni Rukajarvi followed with a full pull of her own that included back-to-back 540s, and continued to show consistency as she stepped up her second run and secured fourth on the day.

The top finishers on the day were familiar faces with Hailey Langland and Spencer O’Brien. Langland landed two top-to-bottom runs, which secured her a third-place qualifying position for the final. O’Brien, in contrast, missed the final jump on her first run just after stomping a solid frontside 720. O’Brien redeemed herself on her second run, though, and locked in the second highest score of the qualifier with an 86.66.

The top rider was Dew Tour veteran Jamie Anderson, who has more Dew Tour wins to her name than anyone else in her field. Following her first run earning her the only score to crack the 90s, she opted to pass on the second run and save herself for the final as the top qualifier. Anderson’s run included a gap to backside lipslide, boardslide through the Stanley waterfall rail, a backside 540, switch frontside 540, 50-50 backside 180 out, switch backside 180 and a frontside 720 mute to cap off her run.

Surprising upsets that did not make the top eight cut to the final included Anna Gasser and Ty Walker. Tune in and watch the women’s snowboard slopestyle final live on Saturday at 9:00am on

Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle Qualifier Results

1.) Jamie Anderson (USA), 90.00
2.) Spencer O’Brien (CAN), 86.66
3.) Hailey Langland (USA), 84.00
4.) Enni Rukajarvi (FIN), 81.66
5.) Julia Marino (USA), 78.00
6.) Silje Norendal (NOR), 76.33
7.) Laurie Blouin (CAN), 72.33
8.) Sina Candrian (SUI), 70.33

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