Jagger Eaton Exits On Top of Men’s Street Quarter Final at Dew Tour Long Beach 2019

30 skaters from 13 countries battled, but only 12 move on to Semi Final.

Jagger_eaton_mens_street_quarter_final_long_beach_durso 2
Jagger Eaton, riding a kickflip backside lipslide into the sun. Photo: Durso

Closing out the day with some heat, the Men’s Street Quarter Final finished off day one of Dew Tour Long Beach 2019. Two grandstands and the VIP tower were filled in with fans, friends and professionals treated to a show from 30 of the world’s best skateboarders.

Yukito Aoki with an irresistable style that’s is enjoyable to all.

In addition to the 12 skaters that advanced out of the Open Qualifier, the Quarter Final had 18 pre-seeded athletes based on prior results and a few select picks to make for a complete field of 30. With 13 countries represented and valuable Olympic qualifying points on the line, knowing that only 12 would advance put the pressure on.

For some, though, there never appeared to be any pressure.

Always a pleasure to have Chaz Ortiz at Dew Tour. Kickflip backside 5-0 down the hubba. Photo: Durso
Onlookers in the Dew View commenting on our live stream (dewtour.com/live) on Jake Iladi’s run while also watching the NBA Final. Photo: Jake Ilardi

“There was no pressure for me, anyway, but now I’m just watching my friends skate,” said Shane O’Neil from the “Dew View” section that was butted up right next to the course. “I have a bit of a weird ankle at the moment. I was skating around and it just didn’t feel right.”

TJ Rogers making the cut into the semi-finals for Canada. Photo: Durso
Gustavo Ribeiro quickly making a name for himself amongst the contest circuit. Photo: Ferra

O’Neil was in good company watching from the Dew View alongside other professionals like Chase Webb, Leticia Bufoni, Zion Wright and Felipe Gustavo to name just a few. As the event reached the halfway point the street course was lit, literally. Dew Tour brought out the lights for this year’s event to keep the action going after dark, and it was with TJ Rogers rocking out to ACDC acting like his skateboard was a guitar while Alec Majerus took his run.

Matt Berger, over crook from the kicker. Photo: Ferra

The highest score of the night belonged to Jagger Eaton, representing for Team USA. Eaton’s best scoring run started off with a bigspin front boardslide to fakie straight into a switch front nosegrind down the Boost Mobile 8-stair rail, and he ended his run with a backside 360 dow the 6-stair straight into a 360 flip to fakie on a quarter pipe.

Maurio McCoy. Photo: Ferra
Longtime Dew Tour competitior Ryan Sheckler standing tall on the rail. Photo: Durso

“The pressure is a little bit off,” said Eaton directly after his second run scored dropped him on the top of the leaderboard. “Hopefully that run holds, you never know. Everyone out here is skating amazing! You have to play it to win, because these dudes are just too good now.”

Vincent_milou_mens_street_quarter_final_long_beach_durso 2
Vincent Milou putting some pop in a frontside flip. Photo: Durso

Ryan Sheckler also had a stand out second run that earned him

Starting his run off with a kickflip over a pyramid to setup backside overcook on the bump to bar, later on he landed fakie ollie switch 5-0 frontside 180 out that had the grandstands and VIP tower explode with cheers and applause.

Well balanced feeble from Sora Shirai. Photo: Ferra

The only upsets of the evening came when a few favorites didn’t end up advancing, which was the case for Sean Malto, Torey Pudwill, Jamie Foy, Alec Majerus and Tiago Lamos to list a small handful.

Theotis Beasley hanging on the sidelines with Dashawn Jordan. Photo: Durso

Find out who will do well in the Men’s Street Semi Final on Saturday at 3:45pm PT on DewTour.com/LIVE.

Ishod Wair was on the bubble and almost knocked out from advancing but the cosmos were in his favor tonight. Photo: Ferra

Men’s Street Quarter Final Results 

1.) Jagger Eaton, USA 81.00
2.) Yukito Aoki, JPN 79.03
3.) Chaz Ortiz, USA 78.06
4.) Jake Ilardi, USA 77.36
5.) TJ Rogers, CAN 77.10
6.) Gustavo Ribeiro, POR 76.46
7.) Matt Berger, USA 75.96
8.) Maurio McCoy, USA 75.46
9.) Ryan Sheckler, USA 75.26
10.) Vincent Milou, FRA 74.33
11.) Sora Shirai, JPN 73.10
12.) Ishod Wair, USA 72.73

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