Day two of practice at Dew Tour Copper gave snowboarders ample time to hit the courses and further dial-in their lines. All in all, riders were excited that this year’s course layouts offer up new challenges and room for creativity to shine.

Brandon Davis
Photo Credit: Durso
Brandon Davis

“Everyone is absolutely loving the course,” said Toby Miller, of the Toyota Modified Superpipe. “I think this type of [modified] pipe competition with features added to the beginning or the end is the future of halfpipe and definitely something I’d like to see more of.”

Red Gerard
Photo Credit: Dodds
Red Gerard

Maddie Mastro echoed a similar sentiment toward the superpipe saying, “I love it and have been having a blast. I like when something is challenging, not in just the traditional way of challenging in the form of the regular superpipe, it is fun to mix it up. It shows who can really snowboard.”

Emma Crosby
Photo Credit: Clavin
Emma Crosby

Shifting over to the streetstyle course, snowboarders were excited to put on a show later in the week alongside the superpipe and slopestyle contests. Silvia Mittermuller, a veteran of all snowboard disciplines, will be competing strictly in streetstyle this year and couldn’t be happier with this year’s layout on the hill. 

Mark McMorris

“I am really stoked that Dew Tour moved to Copper and that all of the events this year are united in a new way,” said Silvia in between practice laps. “[In the past] streetstyle felt like a group of snowboard outlaws and gypsies doing tricks in the street. It was cool, but I feel Copper and Woodward really succeeded to unite streetstyle with slope and pipe.”

Danny Davis
Danny Davis

Brandon Davis was seen riding the streetstyle course more than anyone on day two of practice, and his first reaction reflected that of Silvia’s.

Brock Crouch

“Everything is great, I’m psyched we are at Copper Mountain this year,” said Davis during his second session of the day. “I like the scene. We are more in the village and hopefully, that brings even more people to watch. [Streetstyle] is a great event for everyone to view.”

Maddie Mastro

Then there was the slopestyle, and it came as no surprise that the riders were equally enthused for the contest to get underway.

“I like the rails! They are really flowy and there are a lot of options,” said Enni Rukajarvi, another seasoned veteran who looks at the atmosphere around an event as a base for her own experience. “The jumps are good as well. It is really good vibes, I think everyone is having a good time.”

Lyon Farrell

“Actually, everything is perfect,” praised Max Parrot, 2017 Dew Tour Slopestyle champion. “It’s not easy, it is a little bit challenging. But, that is what makes a great course–when it is challenging. It is going to be fun to see what everyone puts together.”

Pat Burgener

Across the mountain, the action was only heating up as day two of practice came to a close. Expect greatness in every event throughout the week, with the Slopestyle Qualifier starting things off tomorrow at 10:30 am local time. Watch every event live at

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