Grant Giller
Photo Credit: Durso
Grant Giller got crazy and unstrapped to hit the pole-jam with a one-foot to fire-cracker on the Streetstyle course.

It’s a new decade and the Dew Tour has found a new home in Colorado for 2020 at Copper Mountain. Today things officially kicked off with practice and the courses are laid out in an all-new fashion on the hill. For the first time, streetstyle and the Toyota modified superpipe are set to take place directly in front of the Dew Tour Experience making for a one-stop catch-all for the action.

Yuki Kadono
Photo Credit: Clavin
Yuki Kadono quickly crushed the rails on the Slopestyle course.

Slopestyle is set a bit higher up on the mountain is packed with all kinds of options. At the top of the course are three jib sections, each equipped with enough features to keep every run exciting before leading into the jump sections below. The first jump feature this year has two 13-foot quarter pipe hits into a traditional jump landing that leads into three standard kickers, each bigger than the last.

Photo Credit: Durso
Part of the Volcom team was seen taking to the course for Day 1 of practice at Dew Tour. Left to right, Hannah Peterson, Benny Milam, team manager Seth Huot and team Captain Lenny Mazzotti.

Following the end of day one on the courses, the overall impression was excitement for days to follow and the creativity to come.

Luke Winkleman was seen hitting the rails prepping to rep for Burton in this year’s Team Challenge.

“I really like the rail setup,” started Stale Sandbech in his breakdown of the Slopestyle course. “I just got to figure out what line I want to take… I think they did really well on the rails course this year, it’s more creative with lots of options.”

Red Gerard ripped down the Slopestyle course and already looked comfortable on every hit.

That sentiment was also felt on the Toyota Modified Superpipe.

Danny Davis showcased his classic style on the all-new Toyota Modified Superpipe.

“I’m really stoked on how they are changing it up,” said Jake Pates, still excited about his first few runs. “That’s the way I want to see snowboarding go. I think we’ve gotten to a point where everyone is just seeing how many rotations that can fit into a run. Let’s switch up the format to see people throw more style into their runs.”

Louie Vito laid one out with everything he had on the Toyota Modified Superpipe.

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Taking on the top of the mountain, Anna Gasser hits the first jib section of the all-new Slopestyle course at Copper.
Brock Crouch sent it to slide the top of the massive Woodward wallride during Slopestyle practice on Day 1 at Dew Tour.
Enni Rukajarvi navigated the Slopestyle rails with poise, as anticipated.


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