The Dew Tour men’s slopestyle qualifiers went down at Copper Mountain today, with sunny skies and a fresh dusting of snow on the course. Qualifiers are formatted on a two-run basis, with the rider’s best of the two being their final score. The top ten men from qualifiers will compete in the finals for the Dew Tour win and a chance at the Beijing 2022 Olympic games coming up in February. The course build is a bit smaller and flatter than many other contests at this level, and the new snow changed the conditions quite a bit since the practice days earlier in the week. The athletes were still able to put on quite a show despite some minor speed complications on the jumps, which resulted in quite a few folks coming up short.

mens ski slopestyle qualifier
Photo Credit: Durso
Fabian Boesch.

“It was a little slower than it was in practice with the new snow, and so we had to downgrade our runs a bit to compensate. They did a good job making the first jump a smaller hit, it made it easier to carry speed into the second and third and made it so that everyone had a shot at landing something,” said Canadian finalist Evan McEachran.

Evan_mceachran_thursday_mens_slope_style_qualifier_dew_tour_copper_durso 2
Photo Credit: Durso
Evan mcEachran

A switch blender right four out that Charlie Gnoza did and a super sick left bio 10 blunt by Sebastian Schjerve were a few tricks that hit for style points and stood out. We saw quite a few K-feds out of the boys, and with that being objectively the coolest trick in skiing, it was a refreshing site to break up various dub 10’s, 12’s, and 14’s. Colby Stevenson had a very strong first run, though, which included a dub 12 mute and a super rad nosebutter 10. This landed him in the top spot on the ranking, followed by a really clean run put down by Oliwer Magnusson. Nick Goepper also laid down a massive dub 12 tail on the last jump, which also secured him a spot in the top 5. Evan McEachran is a seasoned Dew Tour competitor, and also made the cut with a notable k-fed in his run.

nick goepper
Photo Credit: Durso
Nick Goepper.

“It’s great to be back in Colorado for the Dew Tour,” McEachran says. “The course here is always so great and I definitely missed it last year. I grew up coming out here for the early season, so there’s added nostalgia that makes me look forward to this every year.”

Etienne Geoffroy Gagnon.

Those we will see go onto finals tomorrow are Colby Stevenson, Oliwer Magnusson, Fabian Boesch, Nick Goepper, Etienne Geoffroy Gagnon, Evan McEachran, Alex Hall, Mark Hendrickson, Mac Forehand, and Finn Bilous.

alex hall
Photo Credit: Durso

Men’s Ski Slopestyle Qualifying Results

  1. Colby Stevenson (USA), 89.25
  2. Oliwer Magnusson (SWE), 88.25
  3. Fabian Boesch (SUI), 86.75
  4. Nick Goepper (USA), 85.25
  5. Etienne Geoffroy (CAN), 84.25
  6. Evan McEachran (CAN), 83.25
  7. Alex Hall (USA), 82.50
  8. Mark Hendrickson (CAN), 81.00
  9. Mac Forehand (USA), 80.25
  10. Finn Bilous (NZL), 76.75
  11. Sebastian Schjerve (NOR), 74.00
  12. Konnor Ralph (USA), 71.00
  13. Max Moffatt (CAN), 67.75
  14. Ryan Stevenson (USA), 62.75
  15. Kieman Fagan (USA), 60.25
  16. Jesper Tjader (SWE), 59.00
  17. Javier LLiso (ESP), 57.25
  18. James Kanzler (USA), 55.00
  19. Cody Laplante (USA), 52.75
  20. James Woods (GBR), 51.50
  21. Hunter Henderson (USA), 47.25
  22. Troy Podmilsak (USA), 45.50
  23. Peter Raich (USA), 44.50
  24. Charlie Gnoza (USA), 43.25
  25. Ferdinand Dahl (NOR), 28.25
  26. Antoine Adelisse (FRA), 21.25

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