Chris “Cookie” Colbourn Wins Dough in Boost Mobile Switch Jam at Dew Tour Long Beach 2019

In its second annual showing, Switch Jam serves as break from Olympic qualification to become crowd favorite.

Bringing back the Boost Mobile Switch Jam for its second iteration became a clear crowd favorite at Dew Tour Long Beach 2019. Despite being the only non-Olympic qualifying event, the Switch Jam will be remembered as a highlight for the entire event.

Chris Colbourn stomping a switch 360 flip and scores some cash. Photo: Durso
Chris Colbourn 2_Boost Mobile Switch Jam 3
Cookie swindling bread away for each make. Photo: Strand

With stacks of cash in hand, TransWorld SKATEboarding’s Blair Alley was on the course and rewarding switch tricks on the spot, as they were landed. In the end one winner of the 10 switch skating participants was determined by the best overall trick of the 30-minute jam.

Carlos_ribeiro_switch_mobile_jam_dew_tour_long beach_2019_ferraphoto
Last year’s winner Carlos Ribeiro wasn’t able to defend his title this time but still scored some cash for a kickflip backside lipslide. Photo: Ferra

For this year’s Switch Jam athletes were ordered to skate the Boost Mobile 8-stair and handrail plus two Boost Mobile Light Switch Ledges with pole jams were placed onto the course before the stairs. Though the focus of the event was certainly seen on the handrail, it was actually the Light Switch Ledges that provided the winner a route to victory.

Micky Papa hanging onto a switch varial frontside boardslide. Photo: Durso
Micky Papa 2_Boost Mobile Switch Jam_STRAND
Micky happily receiving his cheddar. Photo: Strand

On the rail, though, fans were truly treated. Last year’s defending Switch Jam champ, Carlos Ribeiro started things off strong with a switch kickflip to switch back lip slide on the 8-stair rail. TJ Rogers hit the rail hard with a switch bigspin kickflip to switch front boardslide and then took to the stairs to float a switch frontside heelflip and a switch backside kickflip with absolute perfection.

Nick_merlino_switch_mobile_jam_dew_tour_long beach_2019_ferraphoto
Nick Merlino, switch backside kickflip. Photo: Ferra
Nick Merlino 4_Boost Mobile Switch Jam_STRAND
Nick stoked to be walking away with a hand full of gouda. Photo: Strand

Nick Merlino nailed a switch backside heelflip down the set in addition to a switch frontside kickflip and a switch backside 360. However the gnarliest trick of the event was actually landed after time by Micky Papa. Early on Papa put down a switch kickflip to switch front boardslide on the handrail before putting most of the session into a switch laser heelflip to switch backside lipslide. Though he didn’t land it during event time, he had everyone’s attention on every approach to the rail.

Tj_rogers_switch_mobile_jam_dew_tour_long beach_2019_ferraphoto
TJ Rogers has a few switch ticks tucked away in his arsenal.
TJ collecting his dough. Photo: Durso

The winner of the event was Chris “Cookie” Colbourn taking home the largest stack of dough. Cookie landed a switch frontside bigspin to boardslide on the handrail, a switch varial flip down the set before stomping a switch 360 flip. However, it was when Cookie landed a line on the Light Switch Ledges beginning with a switch pole jam before doing a switch pole jam to late shuvit down the set to win an additional $5,000 and the overall title.

First time Boost Mobile Switch Jam competitior Tommy Fynn. Photo: Durso

“Skating the [Boost Mobile] Switch Jam at the Mountain Dew, Dew Tour was really fun because I wasn’t competing against hunters of people. I only skated against 10 guys, and I know them all. It felt more like a session at a street spot, with money involved,” laughed Cookie after he was handed a huge wad of cash. He guessed he had probably pocketed about $500 before the additional $5,000.

Tj_rogers_boost_mobile_jam_long_beach_durso 2
TJ earning more cash for a switch backside tailslide. Photo: Ferra

When asked if there were any tricks he was extra stoked on he responded with, “yeah, that one right there!” Papa pulled off the switch laser heelflip to switch backside lipslide right behind Cookie as he answered questions for Dew Tour. Cookie also gave a major shout out to Nick Merlino’s switch backside heelflip. “That trick is really pleasing on the eyes, and he did it super well. Nick is a Long Beach legend!”

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