Aurelien Giraud Wins at Dew Tour Debut, Takes Title in Men’s Street Final, Long Beach 2019

France, Japan and Brazil beat out international competition at United States Olympic Qualifier.

Aurelien Giraud. Photo: Ferra

Hammering down on the course for the last day of competition, the Men’s Street Final shut down the spots once and for all at Dew Tour Long Beach 2019. Without remorse, the guys gave every handrail and ledge their last licks before the Olympic qualification points were officially divvied out.

Sora Shirai. Photo: Ferra

Around the venue were a few rad dads celebrating Father’s Day with their kids. Chris Cole, Fabrizio Santos and Felix Arguelles were just a few of the fathers with their young ones. Watching the action from the closest possible perspective, the Dew View section was overflowing with the friendly faces like Theotis Beasley, Boo Johnson, Zion and even a couple legends like Danny Way and Ty Evans, the cinematographer.

Felipe Gustavo. Photo: Ferra

Regardless of where anyone was, if they were watching the street event they were on their feet for every trick. In the athlete staging area, skaters were standing on the benches to get the best possible angle as each skater took two, 45-second runs and then five single trick attempts.

Matt Berger 1_Mens Street Final_STRAND
Matt Berger. Photo: Strand

Starting off in the event with two solid runs was Nyjah Huston, but during the single-trick section he found hardship in only landing one of five attempts. This left Nyjah with only three scores to add together while the rest totaled their best four scores.

Kelvin Hoefler. Photo: Ferra

“I think everyone out there is trying a little harder, because everyone wants to be [the Olympics],” said Huston after the event came to a close. “I was stoked to even make it into the final even though I didn’t skate that good today… It is really about consistency. I need to be out there, building up those points.”

Gustavo Ribeiro. Photo: Ferra

Brazil’s Felipe Gustavo also struggled in the single-trick section, only landing two of five. However, one of the tricks he did land was a switch kickflip nose grind on the bump out to the Mountain Dew Can hubba. That trick earned him a 9-point score, and when combined with his remaining three scores it was enough to earn him third on the day.

Nyjah_huston_mens_street_final_long_beach_durso 2
Nyjah Huston. Photo: Durso

Sora Shirai of Japan earned two 9-point scores himself for insane single-tricks such as a hard flip to frontside boardslide down the Boost Mobile 8-stair handrail and a backside 360, 540 kickflip down the 8-stair set. Shirai ended the event in second place.

Ivan Monteiro. Photo: Ferra

France’s Aurelien Giraud was making his Dew Tour debut this weekend, and he did so in style earning the highest run score of the event. Giraud also was one of the few athletes to earn a high 9.1 score for his hard flip frontside boardslide to fakie on the Boost Mobile 8-stair handrail.   His two run scores combined with two single-trick scores to earn Giraud the win at an event debut he will not soon forget.

Men’s street podium winners: Aurelien Giraud in first (middle), Sora Shirai in second (left) and Felipe Gustavo in third (right). Photo: Ortiz

“Today’s win was really important for earning Olympic points,” said Giraud after the event press conference. “I’ve never been to Dew Tour before. I’m stoked! Dew Tour is famous, and I’m stoked to say I’ve won one.”

Men’s Street Final Results

1.) Aurelien Giraud, FRA 35.4
2.) Sora Shirai, JPN 35.1
3.) Felipe Gustavo, BRA 33.9
4.) Matt Berger, USA 33.9
5.) Kelvin Hoefler, BRA 30.3
6.) Gustavo Ribeiro, POR 28.7
7.) Nyjah Huston, USA 25.7
8.) Ivan Monteiro, BRA 15.1

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