Here’s the official first look at the invited ski and snowboard athletes heading to winter Dew Tour at Copper Mountain this February 24-26, 2023. Expect over 60 of the world’s best riders to gather at the athlete’s mountain for a weekend full of progressive competition and style in superpipe and super streetstyle. Not to mention both arenas are easily accessible to fans and spectators to view for FREE from the base of Copper’s Center Village.

This year’s superpipe invites ski and snowboarders to showcase their one-of-a-kind skill set on the 22-foot walls that barrel down towards Center Village. New for 2023, the superpipe will be open to all ski and snowboard athletes to participate in the Superpipe High Air & Best Trick Jam presented by U.S. Air Force, where athletes will get a chance to score some cash by solely focusing on amplitude, style, and creativity.

Dew Tour’s signature streetstyle event gets an exciting uplift for 2023. With the course doubling in size, this year’s competition is more appropriately renamed super streetstyle. The more technical course layout allows for a larger, more diverse athlete pool and gives onsite fans an improved spectator experience. The course, now approximately 450 feet long, will include four unique features with varying elements, including rails, poles, a quarterpipe, multiple transfers, and more. Two rounds of heated jam sessions will pare down the field to a three-athlete finals competition in a two runs-combined format. All this will take place on the super streetstyle course in the evening under the lights on Saturday and Sunday nights.

The below list of invited athletes is who you can expect at Copper Mountain and watch live on Check back frequently, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and for more athlete updates.

Dew Tour is coming to Copper Mountain February 24–26, 2022. Don’t miss out!

invited athletes dew tour copper 2023
Photo Credit: Clavin
Benny Milam

Men and Women Snowboard

(Athlete list updated on 2/23/23*)

Men’s Snowboard Super Streetstyle

Luke Winkelmann
Sebastian Toutant
Benny Milam
Darcy Sharpe
Red Gerard
Brandon Davis
Moritz Amsuess
Sam Klein
Nate Haust
Frank Jobin
Lenny Mazzotti
Drayden Gardner


jill perkins
Photo Credit: Wellhausen
Jill Perkins

Women’s Snowboard Super Streetstyle

Jill Perkins
Alexis Roland
Grace Warner
Maria Thomsen
Patti Zhou
Kaitlyn Adams
Ella Sorensen
Kaleah Opal
Madison Blackley
Anna Sophie
Iris Pham
Egan Wint

invited athletes dew tour copper 2023
Photo Credit: Yoshida

Men’s Snowboard Superpipe

Danny Davis
Ayumu Hirano
Taylor Gold
Raibu Katayama
Ryan Wachendorfer
Josh Bowman
Jason Wolle
Siddhartha Ullah

Sonny Alba

Women’s Snowboard Superpipe

Gaon Choi
Patti Zhou
Bea Kim
Sonny Alba
Summer Fenton

Men and Women Ski

Alex Hall

Men’s Ski Super Streetstyle

Alex Hall
Tucker Fitzsimons
Colby Stevenson
Sam Zahner
Keegan Kilbride
Matt Duff
Daniel Hanka
Edouard Therriault
Daniel Bacher
Cal Carson
Pete Koukov
Calvin Barrett

Brooke Potter

Women’s Ski Super Streetstyle

Tereza Korabova
Marion Balsamo
Alexa Juncaj
Skye Clarke
Drew Hooker
Audrey Friess
Brooke Potter
Shondra Charbonneau
Cat Agnew
Lisa Zimmermann
Alice Michel
Ellie DeRosier

Alex Ferreira

Men’s Ski Superpipe

Alex Ferreira
Aaron Blunck
Brendan Mackay
David Wise
Simon D’Artois
Ben Harrington

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