Ragettli made his way through athlete registration with his typical happy go lucky attitude, making sure he was recording everything. But he wasn’t rocking your typical GoPro and gimble setup, and clearly didn’t need the help of an overly geared up camera crew. No, Ragettli was taking the DIY approach, using only what he had in his pockets to document the outing.

Naturally, we stopped him in his tracks, kindly asked if he’d empty out his pockets, and run us through their contents. We started with a few items he was wearing before diving into the rest of his accessories.

 “It’s a really good camera because you can do the selfie mode easily.”—Andri Ragettli

First, he laid down his branded white hat for reference. Ragettli was rocking a Protest X “AR” cap, which was a collab piece between his clothing sponsor, Protest, and his own personal “AR” brand. Few athletes are afforded the luxury of wearing their initials branded on their gear, but Ragettli was donning them in more places than the one.

The next item up for examination was his black sportEX bracelet. “It gives you energy, I think,” said Ragettli when asked about the bracelet. “Actually, I have no idea. My mom gave it to me.”

Andri Ragettli
Photo Credit: Walter

After the hat and bracelet, it was time for Ragettli to turn his pockets inside out for us, and to little surprise, we found another item with his initials branded on it. Ragettli was touting the iPhone X with a PopSocket mounted on the back, marked with his “AR” logo on it. We’ll safely assume this item is responsible for more than a few vlog clips.

 Following the phone came his brown leather wallet. RipCurl by brand, but with a special snap-down strap to ensure its contents stay put while he does his wildest riding.

Andri Ragettli
Photo Credit: Ortiz

Rounding out his outfit, Ragettli was also carrying a Travel Blue shoulder bag. Inside we found his passport and keys safely tucked in for his life of constant on-the-go adventures. “It’s so I won’t lose them here in America,” offers up Ragetlli, before we got a chance to ask.

Finally, Ragettli showed off his point and shoot camera mounted to a Joby tripod. This is the device he uses to keep his video blog regularly updated while on the road. Despite not remembering what kind of camera he was working with, Ragettli assured us it was the right camera for the job.

Andri Ragettli

“It’s for vlogging and all the social media things,” Ragettli explained. “It is a really good camera because you can do the selfie mode easily and it is really small.”

Every Wednesday, he posts a new video blog to his Andri Ragettli YouTube channel. Since that week was all about Dew Tour, he was filming everything from his travel to the United States, registration at the event, practice, and even moments from mid-competition. Find that episode on YouTube titled “DEW TOUR WEEK!! (excitement)| VLOG 40.”

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