Alexis “Lexie” Roland is making it a habit: she claimed her second consecutive Streetstyle Best Trick trophy on Saturday and, after finishing 2nd overall in 2020, won her first Dew Tour Women’s Snowboard Streetstyle contest.

alexis roland wins streetstyle
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Alexis Roland.

“I’m feeling incredible and I can’t believe it because I came in feeling really nervous,” Roland said. “But I had a solid plan and I felt really good about what I was doing. I took a couple pretty heavy falls in my first lap, but I decided to go back and just try and send it.”

Roland, 22, hails from Bloomington, Minnesota and calls Hyland Hills, Minnesota and Trollhaugen, Wisconsin her home mountains. She seemed to have a lot of fans in the crowd.

Alexis Roland
Photo Credit: Durso
Alexis won overall streetstyle AND best trick.

Among her highlights was the Cab 270 boardslide to sameway 270 out that earned the night’s biggest cheers and ultimately earned her the Best Trick win.

“It’s a trick I’ve had for a while but hadn’t done yet this year, so it felt really good to put it down,” she said. “I really didn’t have any idea which way the judges were going to go because everybody was riding so well.”

Roland said her favorite part of the contest was getting to watch her competitors as she hiked back to the top of the course after each lap.

Grace Warner
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Grace Warner.

“I was impressed with all the love out there tonight: there’s something really special about rail jams and the crew that we have,” Roland said. “As we were hiking up during the contest everyone was giving each other hugs like, ‘Oh my god, that was so sick!’ and “Dude, I love you, you’re killing it!’ It’s just a really special community.”

Asked for the secret of her success in Dew Tour Streetstyle, Roland said, “I love the energy, I love the format, and Dew Tour courses always have such creative lines. It’s just so much fun! I mean, it’s Dew Tour, for God’s sake! What’s not to love?”

Kahela Opal.

It was a big night for the midwest region, where many riders focus almost exclusively on street riding and hike parks like the Red’s Backyard venue for Dew Tour Streetstyle: Grace Warner, from Milford, Michigan, finished 2nd, and Kaleah Opal, from Dubuque, Iowa, finished 3rd.

Red’s Backyard hike park, at the base of Copper Mountain, is free and open to the public nearly year-round.

Women’s Snowboard Streetstyle Results

  1. Alexis Roland
  2. Grace Warner
  3. Kaleah Opal

Best Trick
Alexis Roland

Women’s Snowboard Streetstyle: Full Livestream Broadcast | Dew Tour Copper 2021

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