Men’s Streetstyle marked the last of the ski events at Dew Tour, and was a good way to wrap up another year of big spins and lots of stunts. Streetstyle is a rail jam inspired by the nature of urban skiing. It is also set right near the center village at Copper and allows for a crowd of spectators to gather in a way that isn’t the case for an event like slopestyle that is set higher up on the mountain.

alex hall wins streetstyle
Photo Credit: Walter
Alex Hall.

“You can usually feel the energy way more because there’s a big crowd,” Canadian Max Moffat said about being in streetstyle. “You can also see everyone do everything, and you can watch what is happening which is different from slope where you have to kind of guess what’s happening unless you have a screen, so it’s nice. You definitely feed off of each other. It’s really quick hits, and you don’t have to really think, you can just get up and drop if you have enough energy because it’s super exhausting to hike, but it’s so fun.”

tucker fitzsimons
Photo Credit: Walter
Tucker Fitzsimons.

Moffat definitely fed off that energy, pulling out a misty six off the cannon to close out that was definitely a crowd-pleaser. It was also a hit with the judges and secured him the third spot on the podium and Best Trick for a five-up that was absolutely psycho. There was also so much style on course, from the legend himself Phil Casabon, to the egg man Pete Koukov. Koukov held it down with the creativity, putting down plenty of ski slide shifty combos and even a nice little coffin slide. Koukov was an appropriate invite following the last few years of street parts he has put out with Strictly and was accompanied by his crew, Sam Zahner and Calvin Barret. These boys recently whipped up Most Gutter, a street flick that is worth a watch if you dig absolute bangers. Both Barret and Cal Carson were repping their new respective pro-model skis, which was also cool to see.

Max Moffatt
Photo Credit: Walter
Max Moffatt.

Keegan Kilbride was also in the mix and put down some really nice nollie lip two’s. The final podium was well deserved, with swap king Tucker Fitz-Simmons taking second and Alex Hall grabbing the top spot with some crazy disaster and pretzel combos.

Max Moffatt double fisting heavy hardware.

“It’s such a genius idea to just put a bunch of rails in and let everyone go ham, you feel like sometimes when you’re trying that hard of rail tricks that you have superpowers because you can just do some crazy stuff you didn’t think you had the ability to do, it’s super fun,” Moffat said in response to the level of seeing we saw tonight. Streetstyle is a treat to watch every year, and this one was certainly no exception.

Men’s Ski Streetstyle Results

1.) Alex Hall
2.) Tucker Fitzsimons
3.) Max Moffatt
Best Trick
Max Moffatt

Men’s Ski Streetstyle: Full Livestream Broadcast | Dew Tour Copper 2021

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