Congratulations to Tyson Bowerbank and Gavin Bottger for earning the top positions in the first ever Podium / Dew Tour Am Street and Bowl Qualifiers.

Tyson’s three trick submission was nearly flawless; starting out with tech, he put down a backside smith back 360 kick flip out on a picnic table. For gap, he went up an over the rail on a 9-set with an ally-oop front heel and for rail he finished strong with a feeble big flip out.

Gavin’s submission led the competition from start to finish, being both the fan and judge’s favorite. Gavin’s run started out strong with a huge backside air and never let up, also a barrage of both lip and air tricks including; frontside boardslide, Madonna disaster, baskside judo 360, backside 540 and even a crazy fronside invert 360 that looked nothing like a traditional Miller flip.

For winning their events Tyson and Gavin will both receive a $1,250 travel allowance, free entry into the event ($150 value) and will go straight to semifinals along with the six skaters preselected by Transworld Skateboarding for each event. Other top finishers for Am street include 2nd place, Liam Mcabe and 3rd place Nate Greenwood. The other top finishers for bowl were, 2nd place Asher Bradshaw and 3rd place Taylor Nye. All four of these top finishers will also receive a travel allowance and free regular entry into the event ($150 value).

A field of 48 competitors will be joining these top finishers for Dew Tour in Long Beach. The skaters in 4th-51st place in both the Street and Bowl have qualified for Dew Tour and will be skating in round one of the event on Thursday, June 15th. See below for the final results.

Am Street:

  1. Tyson Bowerbank
  2. Liam McCabe
  3. Nate Greenwood
  4. Dylan Williams
  5. Maurice Jordan
  6. Jonathon Reese
  7. Angel Ortega
  8. Dave Bohack
  9. Gunner Frazier
  10. Mike Piwowar
  11. Maurio McCoy
  12. Ivan Monteiro
  13. Jared Cleland
  14. Gage Boyle
  15. Alex Midler
  16. Olivier Lucero
  17. Corey Blanchette
  18. Jalen Willis
  19. Ricky Chavez
  20. John Oskvarek
  21. Chris Lopez
  22. Becker Dunn
  23. Mikee Carter
  24. Mike Santillan
  25. Brad Hay
  26. Ben Garcia
  27. Henry Gartland
  28. Collin Slew
  29. David Castells
  30. Turkey Spurlock
  31. Chris Herrera
  32. Zach Godlewski
  33. Gerardo Bejarano Pollo
  34. Stephen Carty
  35. Carter Wood
  36. Victor Brooks
  37. Lazer Crawford
  38. Robert Werner
  39. Jordan Mourning
  40. Jake Kottke
  41. Donny Hixson
  42. Jordan Mourning
  43. Greyson Beal
  44. Josh Gomez
  45. Zach Doelling
  46. Tre Williams
  47. Genesis Delagarza
  48. Woogie Jackson
  49. Sterling Reed
  50. Brodie Penrod
  51. Daniel Yeager

Am Bowl:

  1. Gavin Bottger
  2. Asher Bradshaw
  3. Taylor Nye
  4. Mikee Zion Ofriel
  5. Jack Winburn
  6. Bali Mosberg
  7. Evan Doherty
  8. Rylan Mancilla
  9. George Richards
  10. Travis Rivera
  11. hericles fagundes
  12. Danny Tumia
  13. Matthew Wilcox
  14. Jake Wooten
  15. John Worthington
  16. Tate Carew
  17. Tyson Zane
  18. Daymein Hertenstein
  19. Dakota Olave
  20. Milo Daluiso
  21. Josh Dirksen
  22. Luke Wosiski
  23. Bryson Farrill
  24. Collin Hyon
  25. Chris Ratface Jatoft
  26. Sam Ogden
  27. Andre Taylor
  28. Toby Ryan
  29. Jordyn Barratt
  30. Mason Smallwood
  31. Logan Farmer
  32. Jarek French
  33. Yodaa Upapong
  34. Kyle Turner
  35. Bryce Stark
  36. Alexander Richman
  37. Cruise Mosberg
  38. Ryyan Rowley
  39. Joey Oleery
  40. Skyler Growholski
  41. Jett Eaton
  42. Jay Fairman
  43. Sean Walsh
  44. Dave Murphy
  45. Jared Albright
  46. Koa Smith
  47. Orion Casas
  48. Elijah Pyle
  49. Oscar Loreto Jr
  50. Johnathan Jordan

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