Have you ever looked at a photo of food, and suddenly had an insatiable craving? You’re not alone. In fact, that’s the basic idea behind all of advertising. You see it the very best, and you want some for yourself.


It’s the same with skateboarding. That’s why, this year, Dew Tour is offering a free, public skate park for guests to use throughout the contest. That’s right. Free. It’s open all weekend, with helmet rentals from Pro-Tec. All you need to do is sign a waiver (if you’re under 18, you’ll need a parent or guardian to sign for you), and you’re good to go!


The course, constructed by, California Ramp Works, the same team that created the official contest course, is a scaled-down, public-friendly layout that’s located right in the thick of the action, so you can watch your favorite pros drop in, turn around, and drop in yourself seconds later.

This year the Dew Tour and Mountain Dew have collaborated with Artist Steve Harrington. Harrington has created a visual aesthetic for the entire event, but the public skate course is where it really stands out. His colorful icons have been brought to life, and made into a series of sculptures that are actually skateable!


Local high school juniors and seniors are invited to access both the pro courses and public skate park a day early on Thursday 6/15 through Dew Tour Community Day presented by U.S. Army. Interested students can pre-register for exclusive access to the pro course to participate in S.T.E.M. based skateboarding activities here.

Once the contest weekend is over, the sculptures will be donated to Long Beach’s Silverado skate park, for the locals to enjoy year-round.


You won’t be able to bring your board into the bleachers for safety reasons, but not to worry—we’ve set up a board locker so you don’t have to carry it around. The Grind TV Skateboard Check will be set up next to the public skatepark, for easy access.

This marriage of see and do, of skate and art, is just one more reason to come on down to Long Beach this weekend, and enjoy the fun June 15-18 at the Long Beach Convention Center!

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