Mountain Dew’s highly anticipated full edit of SuperSnake has officially dropped! Check out the full 22-minute edit featuring the ultimate hybrid dream course that brings together both snowboarders and skateboarders on a 1,075-foot skate snake runway along with custom snowboard jumps and jibs.

The video features Mountain Dew athletes Danny Davis, Sean Malto, Jeremy Jones, Trevor Colden, Scotty Lago, Micky Papa, Trevor Colden, Nick Tucker, Chris Colbourn, and Jordan Maxham as they size up the mountain in a never been done before SuperSnake course. The main challenge for both the skate and snowboarders was found to speed. The skate crew found themselves carrying too much speed as they ascend down the 1,075-foot course, while the snowboard guys had to be towed in on the snowmobiles for some added speed. All in all, both crews adapted and overcame their challenges and rode down the mountain alongside each other putting on display each sports similar style.


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