The mash up between skateboarding and snowboarding has finally come to life in Mountain Dew’s NBD (never been done before) SuperSnake course. Designed and built by Snow Park Technologies (SPT) and CA RampWorks, athletes get to carve down and shred a 1,075-foot skate snake run way while weaving through snowboard features. The crossbreed course allows for both snowboarders and skaters to experience 24 unique features including jibs, hips, quarter-pipes, volcanoes, and gaps that push their style and creative limits beyond the average session.

Peep the action packed teaser video above featuring invited skateboarders— Sean Malto, Trevor Colden, Chris Colbourn, Jordan Maxham, Nick Tucker, and Micky Papa — and snowboarders— Danny Davis, Scotty Lago, and Jeremy Jones as they shred down the mountain at Sierra-At-Tahoe, California.

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