Day one of Dew Tour 2017 saw a lot of great skating from more than 50 hungry am skaters. At the end of the day, Alex Midler heads into the finals in the top position, followed closely by Maurio McCoy and Jack Olson.


1.) Alex Midler (261.40)

2.) Maurio McCoy (261.00)

3.) Jack Olson (240.00)

4.) Ivan Monteiro (239.00)

5.) Jamie Foy (236.00)

6.) Gabriel Fortunato (232.80)

7.) Tyson Bowerbank (227.80)

8.) Nate Greenwood (227.60)

9.) Axel Cruysberghs (224.20)

10.) Trevor McClung (221.80)

11.) Zion Wright (220.40)

12.) Henry Gartland (215.40)

Midler had an amazing day, and emerged as an easy standout on all three courses. Some highlights include a backside 360 lipslide on the big rail, and a stylish frontside feeble down the double kink rail.

Maurio McCoy was neck and neck with Midler, coming through with a 95.00 on the rails course—the best score of the day, by a wide margin. He rolled away from bangers like a kickflip front lip shove on the bump to bar, and a kickflip crooked grind on the big rail

Real’s Jack Olson skated well all around, but really stood out on the rails course, with a casual switch 5050 across the flat bar, feeble down the double kink, nollie nosegrind on the A-frame, switch front lip on the big bar, and more.

Ivan Monteiro brought the heat with tech-gnar moves like 270 lipslide and 360 flip lipslide on the big rail, and closed out the session with a backside 270 lip to 270 out on the A-frame.

Florida’s Jamie Foy also spread it out all over the course, hitting every obstacle. He put down a front crook and a back Smith on the bump to bar, a backside 180 nosegrind on the bump to bar, and a back Smith down the double kink rail.

Only the top 12 get to advance to the finals, but there was some amazing skating from all the top ams of today, proving that they will soon be the pros of tomorrow.

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