Nine invited skateboard companies came together at Dew Tour Long Beach to compete in the first ever Team Challenge presented by TransWorld SKATEboarding. Here we have the best of what was landed in the tech section by competing riders that include TJ Rogers (bLind), Evan Smith (Element), Luan Oliveira (Flip), Clint Walker (Birdhouse), Scott Decenzo (Plan B), Tre Williams (Toy Machine), Miika Adamov (enjoi), Theotis Beasley (Baker), and Davis Torgerson (Real). Notable mentions that started thing off in the tech section were Luan Oliveira with a switch frontside tailslide 270 out, TJ Rogers nailed a nollie kickflip noseslide 270 shove-it out, and Evan Smith pulled off a 360 flip nose manual across the pad to nollie 180 out. After all three heats the top five teams stacked up as followed:

1. TJ Rogers, Blind
2. Scott Decenzo, Plan B
3. Davis Torgerson, Real
4. Evan Smith, Element
5. Luan Oliveira, Flip and Clint Walker, Birdhouse

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