Traveling all the way from the Philippines, Jeff Gonzales landed in Amsterdam with one thing in mind, to make these next four days as fun as possible. Jeff brought along his girlfriend, Jessica Ryon who was only told about leaving to Amsterdam less than 24 hours before take off. Once they landed in a foreign land, they were greeted with familiar arms as they had family relatives, Katrina Paras, Fiona Mackenzie, and Louise Ferguson, traveled from the United Kingdom to come join in on the fun. During Sunday’s event, Jeff’s posse was the life of the party, as they cheered from up top in the VIP section and even got handed the mic from the announcers.

Jeff Gonzales’ posse Jessica Ryon and Louise Ferguson cheering him on during his heat. Photo: Chris Ortiz

Check out Jeff’s interview up top as he tells us his story from living in Texas, moving out and skating in the Philippines, and how security deals with skaters in the Philippines.

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