Congratulations to United Kingdom’s Am Search winner Adam Keats, for taking home second place at this year’s Dew Tour Am Series contest in Amsterdam!

Starting Saturday’s competition off with a total of 32 competitors, and unknown to Adam he was put in the first heat of the qualifiers. His solid run placed him in the semi-finals where he’d now only compete against 15 skaters. Using the entire course to the best of his abilities, Adam graced the judges and the audience with maneuvers like frontside Smith grind to frontside boardslide, feeble to back lip, and frontside boardslide sex change.

After an intense semi-final round, only five would advance into the finals. The judges started the finals by giving each skater a 30-second introduction run, which was then followed by a one five-minute jam session.

It all came down to the ‘Special’ trick finally as the judges had the contestants throw down their best trick. Adam was able to roll away with a full Cab boardslide on the handrail, which may have swayed the judges to put him on the podium.

Watch Adam’s interview above as we caught up with him before and after Sunday’s competition.

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