The top 24 pros battled it out today in the semifinals. Here’s how it went down:

  • 4 Heats
  • 6 Skaters per heat
  • 8 Minute heats

The format kept the action exciting for the fans, and made it feel more like an everyday session for the pros. The judges also staggered the heats, so the skaters got to mix up the order a little bit.

Darkstar pro Ryan Decenzo made this hurricane shove look like no big deal. Photo: Papke (click to enlarge)

The tech section was up first, and fans were treated to an impressive display from almost everyone, but the standouts were Shane O’Neill, Nyjah Huston, Alec Majerus, and Blind’s secret weapon, Yuto Horigome from Japan. Majerus crammed an impressive number of tricks into his 8-minute heat, including a backside 180 to fakie nosegrind—the hard way—on the hubba. Not surprisingly, Nyjah had lots of tricks, and lots of hard tricks. But it was Australian ripper Shane O’Neill who had a near-flawless heat—he closed out the heat with a 90.00—the top single score of the day.

Kelvin Hoefler had moves on all three courses, and ended the day in third place. Frontside feeble on the rails course. Photo: Papke (click to enlarge)

After the tech section, the skaters moved up to the rails—that’s where the men got separated from the boys. Yuto, Nyjah, and Shane were also standouts in this section, as well as Majerus and Blind’s Micky Papa. Everyone shined, but Nyjah was the one who shone the brightest, racking up nine different bangers that ranged from a smith pop-out, and a frontside 5-0 180 down the double kink. Darkstar’s Ryan Decenzo closed out the section by frontside flipping up, over, and out of the park—literally.

Tom Asta 2_pro qualifier_dew tour_Long Beach_STRAND
Tom Asta switch heelflipped off the bump, over the bar, and landed in the semifinals. Photo: Strand (click to enlarge)

The day closed with the gap section, and even though it was a long day of skating in the hot, hot sun, it didn’t seem to affect anyone’s performance. When the dust settled, the top eleven were announced. Look for them skating in the finals throughout the remainder of the 2017 Dew Tour Skateboard Festival weekend.


1.) Shane O’Neill (267)

2.) Nyjah Huston (260.60)

3.) Yuto Horigame (249.20)

4.) Kelvin Hoefler (241.60)

5.) Alec Majerus (241.60)

6.) Tommy Fynn (239.00)

7.) Micky Papa (236.60)

8.) Ryan Decenzo (234.60)

9.) Felipe Gustavo (232.80)

10.) Sean Malto (231.60)

11.) Tom Asta (231.00)

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