Fresh wax melted under a blistering sun during the virgin practice sessions around the Long Beach Convention Center for the reimagined Dew Tour, but the skating could not be stopped. With four new courses and a few new formats, everybody seemed antsy to get going.

The biggest change for the 2016 Dew Tour is the addition of the Team Challenge. Each team will assign a skater to each of the four sections and only the team that performs across all courses will earn the title of champions on the weekend.

The first man spotted breaking a sweat and rubbing wax was Canadian and younger Decenzo brother, Scott. Scott will be skating for Plan B this weekend and responsible for holding it down on the technical course. Eager to break in the new course, Scott was rubbing wax, grinding and repeating all afternoon throughout the hottest part of the day only to realize it was too hot to help.

Dew Tour caught up with Scott for his first impression and few questions on the reimagined format for the event. Simply put by Scott, “everything is fresh.”

DT: Looking around the technical course, what are your first impressions?

Scott: It’s pretty dope! The rails are a good thickness, not super skinny. The course is not too packed with too many obstacles. I like the cement to pop off of and the coping is nice, but the ledges need a lot of wax.

The heat makes the ledges real needy. You need to always be reapplying the wax. I waxed this ledge, it basically just turned into a puddle and then you are sliding through a puddle.

Are you putting the first layers of wax on the course?

Yeah, everything is fresh. I am working it all in, and hopefully it will be a little easier and more worked in by Sunday when I skate [for Plan B].

So, the team format is all new. How do you feel about it?

It’s something new and real structured, which is good. It will work well, I think. I’m looking forward to it.

Who else will be skating with you for Plan B?

Jagger Eaton, Ryan Sheckler and Chris Joslin. I think it will be Sheckler skating the rails, Joslin on the gaps and Jagger in the bowl.

Do you skate with those guys much?

Yeah, sometimes.

What are your thoughts on the idea of involving an entire team for a competition?

They should do more, because being in it with your team makes it more fun than being in it solo.

How about for the actual contest? Are you going to be be most focussed on yourself, or will you be thinking about the bigger Plan B team play?

Personally, I’m just worried about me for right now. I’m sure once I feel comfortable I will spend more time looking at the bigger picture. Right now I’m focussed on myself, but I’m sure when that time comes I will be talking to the other guys about how they are doing. Honestly, I haven’t even thought about that side of it yet.

Okay, let’s get back to the course. You’ve been to a few Dew Tours in the past, what is your first impression of the [technical] course?

It is needs a bit more wax, some tending to, but there are great dimensions on everything. All the [height, width, length] measurements are top notch. Everything is perfect.

Are any of the obstacles similar to what you are used to skating on the daily?

The long out ledge is just like my back yard, but you have to go a little slower to ollie up onto the manual pad. It is a quick setup.

Cool, thanks for chatting. We are just trying to take a few temperatures for how people are enjoying the new course while practicing out here in the heat.

(laughs) Am I the first?

Yeah, you’re the first.

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