Between rocking bearing caps on his key rings and wearing whittled wooden rings made from recycled skateboards, Dave Bachinsky always has a piece of his passion with him.

While waiting for a couple cups of coffee at the Tehachapi Starbucks, Dew Tour spotted Bachinsky looking half asleep and unsuspecting. So what did we do? We kindly asked him to empty his pockets and explain himself as we went through each item he had on him.

Dave_bachinsky_pocket_lint_ortiz_01 copy
Dave Bachinsky cheesin’ between mini ramp runs at Woodward West. Photo: Ortiz

For starters, it is worth mentioning that he ordered a medium roast coffee but typically opts organic when at home. “I try to keep on the healthier side of things. Throw some cinnamon in there, hopefully, and kickstart your day!”

Before dissecting the lint lining the insides of his pockets, we took notes on what was worn directly on his hands. Bachinsky is always honing his skills on his skateboard, but lately he has been fine tuning his craftiness with recycled skateboards, too. Each time Bachinsky breaks a board he keeps the wood and creates recycled rings. The ring he had on this day was actually from the first batch he made with his new CNC (Computer Numeric Control) Machine. The ring was bevelled to perfection.

Frontside flipping out of a blunt at Tampa Pro, it is only a matter of time before that board becomes a ring. Photo: Ortiz

Bachinsky also broke down the tattoo on his hand. He explained that him and his lady are avid explorers and typically go on camping missions every weekend, and they have matching ink of the Little Dipper on their hands. “Whenever we’d look up in the sky from LA during the winter time, the first stars we would see were the Little Dipper.”

Moving on, Bachinsky ran down all the essentials on his keyring. Starting off with the keys to his Subaru, house, bicycle lock and motorcycle, he assured us that he has all the tools and toys to be out exploring daily. Bachinsky explained that he recently purchased a bicycle to keep things interesting around his neighborhood while seeking out new skate spots but he has his motorcycle as his main whip to get him from A to B.

Then he flipped to his woodshed key and the coveted Thrasher key, which unlocks the Skate Anchor, aka Manny Santiago’s backyard TF (training facility). Also on the keychain, Bachisky had a bearing cap moment from a hill bomb that went awry, a leather street belt clip that he doesn’t use but keeps for hype, and a seemingly random golf kart tag.

“I’ve got a little golf kart tag that says ‘this must be the place.’ You know we all love David Byrne.”

Did we mention that we ran into him in Tehachapi? Also in his pocket was his Woodward hotel room key, room 239. “Welcome to Woodward West.”

Bachinsky had been loosing bolts from both trucks recently, so he snagged mounting hardware the last time he stopped by Manny’s place. He referred to the bolt as his white stallion.

Rounding out the rest of his pocket lint was a fresh wallet from Target and a Franken iPhone complete with a white button on his black device. Each with their own backstory.

Dave Bachinsky_Pocket Lint_SW

Apparently, Bachinsky lost his last wallet while in Germany earlier this year and had one hell of a time replacing all of his goods. Now fully replenished, he showed off his new driver’s license, Global Entry and TSA PreCheck, National Parks and AAA cards also him to roam essentially uninhibited. He also showed us a stack of receipts he is holding onto for tax purposes as a self-employed person.

As for the iPhone, turns out that he purchased a lemon off Craigslist. Focussed on the slow-mo and storage, Bachinsky bought the phone before making a call only to later learn that it didn’t work unless he was using it on speaker. Fortunately, he has a friend who does repairs and, after a second time to see his buddy because of a broken screen, the home button got a revamp. Looking back on the purchase Bachinsky just laughs.

“The guy on Craigslist completely screwed me over!”

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