After a heated heat featuring the top 8 finalists, it was San Diego’s Cory Juneau who took first place. 17-year-old Juneau skates for Creature, so you know he did the hardest tricks, with speed, grace and style. Juneau turns 18 in two days, so now he has even more reason to celebrate. Asked what he’s planning to do, Juneau said: “Probably just hang out with my dad, because I wasn’t around to spend Father’s Day with him.”

Second place went to Heimana Reynolds from Hawaii. Heimana actually qualified for the Cobblestone Classic surf contest just days ago, and decided to drive up to Long Beach to skate the Bowl Contest. Good decision, Heimana.

Clay Kreiner was skating hard, too, and snagged third place for his efforts. In fact, the finals session was a combination of hard skating and good vibes—you get the impression that they’d al be stoked no matter who won.

One other finalist Chris Russell also came up, winning the Zumiez Destroyer award—$500 and a custom Sawzall. Russell brought his own unique flavor to the bowl, and stood out in the best way possible.

Will Juneau return in 2018 to defend his Dew Tour title? You’ll have to tune back in to find out.


1.) Cory Juneau (92.00)

2.) Heimana Reynolds (89.00)

3.) Clay Kreiner ( 87.00)

4.) Ivan Federico (83.00)

5.) Chris Russell (81.00)

6.) Willy Lara (79.00)

7.) Alex Sorgente (77.80)

8.) Tom Schaar (75.60)

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