Ryan Decenzo took home third place in the Pro Competition at Dew Tour Long Beach 2016. The new reimagined lay out of Dew Tour with four individual courses (tech, bowl, rails, and gaps) changed Ryan’s tactic a bit as each section limited skaters to only one disciplinary style of skating. As he mentioned in a Practice Reaction Interview, “It is kind of weird going into the tech section and being forced to skate like that, because usually I like to do my tech tricks toward the end of a line where I have already done some big tricks. So this is a little different, it forces me to go right into those flippier and more shuvtier type of tricks.” Although this may have made it a little bit more difficult for him to skate, it did not hinder his performance by any means as he picked up the pace in the following sections earning his way into the gaps section.

Check out the best moves Ryan rolled away with that landed him third place from Saturday’s Pro Competition and read up on the input he gave us of the reimagined layout here.

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