With the rail section being the penultimate of the four, this section ends up being the most critical. Only the top six out of 18 skaters advanced into the final gap section. Each skater had their own tactic, which was either land as many tricks as possible like Ryan Decenzo who managed to land four separate video part worthy tricks. While others like Carlos Ribeiro opted for only the best tricks like switch backside lipslide down the six-stair rail, and a backside overcrook down the nine-stair rail.

Feast your eyes on some of the best moves that were thrown down from all three heats. Other notable rippers to look out for are Chris Joslin, Ryan Sheckler and Tiago Lemos who started his heat with a switch backside tailslide down the nine-stair rail first try.

Rail section top 5:
1. Tiago Lemos
2. Sean Malto
3.Ryan Decenzo
4.Ryan Sheckler
5.Cody McEntire

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