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Country: United States

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Date of Birth: March 14, 1994

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Active, Mob Grip, Nike SB, Skate Mental, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder

Trevor Colden has been on the come-up for years now, and he is only getting better. Back in 2011 he took home top-10 finishes in six different AM contests including the win at the coveted Tampa Am. Three years later ,he received an all-time birthday present when Skate Mental officially turned him pro at 17. But it didn’t come without a price, literally. Colden actually had to buy his way out of a contract with Mystery before he made moves to Mental. When it was all said and done, though, there was nothing but love for the people that helped shape his on-board career. In 2014 Colden made his Dew Tour debut, and skated out with the win in Streetstyle. His winning run was insane and included an indy tuck-knee over a launch ramp, a nose blunt on a Jersey barrier, a back smith across and down a pyramid rail, and a 360 down a giant planter gap. The very next day he returned to take second in Street. How does he do it? Maybe it’s from all the Doritos he’s feasted on since his childhood days training at Woodstock Skate Plaza. Maybe it’s from his zen time spent fishing. Whatever it is, he seems to have it dialed. He bought a house at the age of 22. What’s next? Who cares, he already has it all! Well, minus a high school diploma. He dropped out in the seventh grade.

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