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Country: Canada

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Date of Birth: August 23, 1989

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Independent Trucks, Menu Skateshop, NB Numeric, OC Ramps, Plan B, RDS, Wreck Wheels

A man-Am if there ever was one, Scott Decenzo is a beast on a skateboard and has been for many years. Scott, once known as Scooter though it seems as if those days are behind him, hailed from the Great White North of Canada but, as most aspiring skateboarders do, he eventually made the move to sunny SoCal to stake his claim in the skate industry. Back in 2007 Scott proved his skills on the skateboard when he stormed the Damn Am Costa Mesa event and earned first in front of everyone in the SoCal scene. The following year he returned to his roots to take Best Trick and first place at the Damn Am Vancouver stop. Scott’s skills don’t start and stop on the contest circuit, though. In March of 2015 Scott became the first official team rider for Wreck Wheels, and you better believe he has continued to wreck everything in his skateboard’s path ever since. Need an example of this wrecking ball? Watch his recent part in Enter the Red Dragon for an eyeful of Scott going hard on all types of terrain. If that part wasn’t enough, do yourself a favor and scour the Internet for more. Scott has dropped multiple parts over the years for Plan B, an insane “Welcome” edit for Wreck Wheels as well as web edits for Thrasher, The Berrics and many more. Oh, and one more thing. Did we mention that he is the younger brother to Ryan Decenzo? Well, not only are they blood brothers, roommates and skate buds, they once earned the September 2009 cover of Thrasher at the same time! Look it up, it’s a classic.

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