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Country: United States

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Date of Birth: March 2, 1990

Robbie Brockel is a pureblood skateboarder. He is down to skate whatever, put in work to get the shot, and has absolutely zero ego. Robbie came up in the Phoenix skate scene, turning heads at the Phoenix Am where he won the best trick in 2008 with a “Brockel Flip”, a 360 bigspin kickflip, down a ten stair. He was put on the Real Team shortly after and in a great bit of symmetry, Real surprised him at the 2015 Phoenix Am by turning him pro during his run. His part in Real’s Since Day One video showcased Robbie’s ability to shred a wide variety of terrain, including sticking backside tailslide down a burly kinked ledge for an ender. The Skateboard Mag called him, “the best skateboarder to come out of Phoenix”, something Robbie would never claim himself, he’d be perfectly happy to let his skating do the talking.

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