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Country: Sweden

Hometown: Malmo

Date of Birth: November 11, 1996

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Nike SB, Polar Skate Co., Spitfire Wheels, SKF bearings, Jessup, Lurpiv, Lynk & co

Oskar Rozenberg, or Oski as he prefers, comes to the skateboard world by way of Sweden where the first thing people typically think of when you say “skate” is ice. Oski, despite his icy Polar style, is anything but typical. Then there is Malmo, Sweden, a skateboard haven within the Scandinavian peninsula that has helped shape so many legendary talents. Oski may be typical in this sense, he has matured into a transition skate sensation. Watch him skate a contest and learn how a truly organic skater creates his lines, Oski’s eye for the fastest route and to find a unique gap or tranny is unmatched. Summing up his style is difficult to do due to just how different he rides the same terrain as everyone else. Your best bet to understanding Oski’s flow is to watch him, and lucky for you this transition skater has taken the time to film a few video parts. Start with Thrasher’s “Lil Guben,” you wont be disappointed.

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