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Country: United States

Hometown: Corona, CA

Date of Birth: January 30, 2016

Jeremy Leabres may be relatively new to the professional skateboard ranks—he turned pro in 2015 for Toy Machine—but he is no stranger on the scene. Leabres has been recognized for his seemingly effortless style while pulling off big tricks at gritty street spots for years now. Steady on the rise in skateboarding since his surprise part in Emerica’s Made Vol. 1, it was the Re-education of Jeremy Leabres part that Toy Machine dropped on Thrasher that really began the upspring in recognition. The intro to Re-education included a team montage that showed the traditional Toy Machine style of raw street tricks in both lines and enders put to the jarring sounds of the Modest Mouse song “Shit Luck,” but the part that followed for Leabres was something entirely different and completely engaging. The song for his part was “Floating Boy Demo” by Fugazi and it went perfectly with the start-to-finish slow motion part from Leabres. If it wasn’t for Toy Machine dropping that part in slow-mo the skate world may have never truly appreciated how skilled Leabres was, because his style is almost so smooth that the difficulty of tricks at completely crusty spots is easily overlooked. Keep an eye out for Leabres to continue his climb in the streets and don’t be surprised when you see him chatting it up with the local authorities. Leabres’ mom is a cop. Maybe that is his secret for scoring so much time and footage skating in the streets.

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