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Country: United States

Hometown: Hermosa Beach, California

Date of Birth: November 26, 1996

Sponsors: Bones Wheels, Creature, Lay Back Beer, Red Bull, S-One helmets, Skeleton Key MFG, Vans

Dubbed as “Man Bear Child” early on, Chris Russel was once all of those things but is no longer child and now referred to as “Russell the Muscle.” On return to the ramp from an air or invert variation, don’t be surprised to hear a thunder clap come from beneath Russell’s board as he takes it to disaster. A raw style with body jarring disasters all over the coping, Russell wrecks concrete in his own personal way. When it comes to competition, Russell has seen his fair share of near misses but in 2016 that all changed. He kicked off the year with a win at the first-ever Vans Park Series contest in Melbourne, Australia, and then again at the fourth stop in Huntington Beach he won again marking a major shift in judging to recognize what his style brings to the bowl. Another fine example of Russell ripping in his own way, The Skateboard Mag awarded him 2016 “Year’s Best Oververt” for cracking all four wheels onto the ceiling at Leeside to close out one hell of a year. With a couple of contest wins, video parts already banked and a beer sponsor before the age of 21, Russell has already racked up everything he could ask for.

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