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Country: United Kingdom

Hometown: Colchester, England

Date of Birth: November 4, 1990

Ben Raemers blurs lines on the daily. He’s not simply a street skater or just a transition skater. If you see him the streets, expect to see him take a high-jump onto something overlooked by the rest. If you see him in ditches, pools or parks, sit down and enjoi the show. Raemers rips transitions the way they were meant to be—in all directions, at high speeds and with enough creative juice to quench your most inventive thirst. Watch his In Transition part from the Berrics ,or any of his enjoi parts, for a sample of how his Old English ways inspire skaters the world over, on the regular. Whatever you do, though, don’t worry about understanding him verbally. His words may roll off his tongue in a way that sounds a little twisted, but his ability on board is universal.

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