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Country: Australia

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

Date of Birth: October 5, 1988

Stance: Goofy

Sponsors: Plan B, DC Shoes, Independent Trucks, Cortina Bearings

Coming up for years from the land Down Under, Tommy Fynn is a fair dinkum Aussie ripper. Not familiar with Australian speak? All we are trying to say is that Fynn is legit! Labeling Fynn as an Aussie may not be the most accurate way to describe him considering he was born in South Africa and lived there until he was 10 before moving to New Zealand and eventually Australia. In reality it doesn’t matter where he is from, because a clean style, impressive tricks and a proper attitude when it comes to stacking clips translates perfectly in any country. In 2014, Fynn joined the Pro ranks for Stereo Skateboards, and by 2016 he moved to Los Angeles full time. In 2017 Fynn went HARD filming in the streets. When Fynn’s “PUSH” part dropped on The Berrics the whole skate world stopped to admire the biggest backside lip slide anyone had ever seen. Fynn if a fancy freak on a skateboard with perfectly clean style.

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