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Country: Canada

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Date of Birth: August 31, 1990

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Blind, RDS, FKD Bearings, Venture, Diamond Supply Co, Grizzly Griptape, Lacorda Threads, Switchmade

Micky Papa is on point. From the flossin’ chain around his neck, to his flip-in and flip-out ledge game and especially his tricks taken to big stair sets, Micky makes it all look good. Like most Canadian pro skaters, Micky had been on the scene for years before he started to get the coverage he deserved. What allowed his coverage to grow? He, as most Canadian skaters working to become pro do, moved to California to trade out eight months of rain and snow for yearlong sunshine and access to inspiration. Micky had been entering major am contests since around 2006 but had always fallen short of the top spot on the podium. In fact, Micky started to get a bit of a reputation as the guy to finish second place. Once when he was applying for a US work visa he filled out two pages of second place contest finishes as part of his application. But that all changed once his visa came back approved. Micky made the move to California, was quickly added to the bLind Skateboards am roster, dropped an insane part on Thrasher and even found himself taking first place at a Damn Am Select Series Chicago event in 2015. All of that took place over the course of about a year, and about another year later he found himself entering Tampa Pro where he earned a spot in the Street League Skateboarding Pro Open. Did we mention that Micky also has a side project with his production company SwitchMade? Micky is always grinding!

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