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Country: United States

Hometown: Ocean City, MD

Date of Birth: October 19, 2007

Stance: Goofy

If you have any awareness of what is happen in Women’s Am skating these days, you are no doubt well aware of Carlin Makibbin. She skates street (and podiums at almost every Am event), she skates bowl (and podiums at almost every Am event); Makibbin skates whatever she can, considering she can’t drive herself to the session. That’s right, this phenom is still too young to drive but already has her pilot’s license on a skateboard. How could that be possible? Well, growing in Ocean City, MD comes with a local skate scene that knows how to groom a good grom. Makibbin is also dedicated to her craft. Check her social media game and you can see what is always on her mind. Or, try to keep up with her contest schedule, because she is winning more events than we are even willing to list out. And the thing is, Makibbin is literally just getting started. Maybe someone should tell her to pace herself.

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