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Country: United States

Hometown: Anaheim, CA

Date of Birth: August 5, 2003

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Black River, Bones Wheels, Bronson Speed Co, Independent Trucks, Pharmacy, Red Bull, Toy Machine, Vans

A natural on a skateboard and a daredevil on most anything else. CJ Collins comes with transition skills that span all of the eras of skateboard history, but don’t be mistaken this kid is a true millenial. From his bonelesses to his blunt slides, CJ knows how to snap his tail with best of them, and if the best don’t watch out they may get shown up by this young ripper. His “Introducing – CJ Collins” part on The Skateboard Mag and his footage in Voclom’s “Holy Stokes” are both testaments to the kids ability, but that only scratched the surface of what this ripper has to offer. With plenty of promise to his his future, you can expect to keep an eye on CJ for many years to come and on all sorts of terrain. Throw CJ in the deep end the backyard pool for a slash, watch him kickflip from the deck into the square bowl at Combi or send him to a DIY haven such as WSVT and watch him fearlessly kick his front foot off.

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