Youth Leads the Pack in Men’s Slope

Youth Leads the Pack in Men’s Slope

By: Nick Lipton – At all of 16 years-old Tyler Flanagan and Sage Kotsenburg have managed to become one and two leading into the Mount Snow Slopestyle Championship, but one and two now doesn’t guarantee a thing. Tyler has a solid lead, Sage isn’t too far behind, and superstar huckers Chas Guldemond, Eric Willet and Torstein Horgmo are all still in the Dew Cup hunt.

Tyler Flanagan gap

Tyler Flanagan

Tyler has the dominant lead. He’ll have to do far worse than he’s done all season to slip off the podium, but more importantly, there are plenty of ways for him to come out on top. After Snowbasin Tyler was claiming 1260s for Mount Snow. By adding that doozy Tyler could lock up the Dew Cup quick, but we’ll see. After all, his main competition, and good buddy, Sage has a shot at the title as well. He’s been boasting 1260 doublecorks for Mount Snow, and the way he’s been riding this winter could spell Dew Cup if he’s lucky.

Charles Guldemond

Chas Guldemond

For the other three riders in contention (and out of High School) this contest is a bit of a crap shoot. Chas is sitting is third at the moment. He had a big win in Snowbasin and just took 3rd at Winter X. He’s one rider who has proven time and time again he’s capable of the crowd pleasing tricks. Eric Willet is in the same boat. Sitting just behind Chas with 3rd and 4th place finishes under his belt from the last two stops and a 2nd place finish at Winter X. Torstein Horgmo is also in contention, and after a 2nd place finish in Winter X Big Air and three solid weeks jumping around the DC Mountain Lab there’s no telling what he’s ready to do in Mount Snow. But it might not matter.

Torstein Horgmo doing a little gap work

Torstein Horgmo

Even if Chas, Eric and Torstein do well it’s going to take Tyler or Sage doing poorly for an old guy to win the Dew Cup. Tyler is a full 50 points ahead of Torstein, and Sage is only 20 behind Tyler. The young bucks have secured solid leads, have had plenty of success at this winter’s Dew Tour and are probably looking to prove that this wild ride wasn’t just a series fortunate events. Let’s just hope their Winter X results haven’t gotten into their heads.

Sage Kotsenburg

Sage Kotsenburg

For Tyler to win hands down he’ll need a 1st or 2nd place finish in Mount Snow, something he’s already done twice this winter. Sage could take the Dew Cup fairly easily as well, but he’ll need a good run and his competition will need to slip up a bit. For the rest of the competitors with any hope of seeing a 2010 Dew Cup, they are going to need to step it up, and sadly, hope the 16 year-olds crack under the pressure.

Eric Willett double backside rodeo

Eric Willett

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