(Photo above: Pedro Barros on left and Yndiara Asp on the right. Photo: Acosta)

The second stop of the 2019 Vans Park Series (VPS) Pro Tour in São Paulo, Brazil saw Pedro Barros and Yndiara Asp take first for their home country of Brazil.

Pedro Barros in first (middle), Luiz Francisco in second (right), and Tristan Rennie in third (left). Photo: Acosta

Barros takes his first place momentum from Dew Tour Long Beach and nabs his third VPS first place win on his home turf of Brazil. As for Asp, São Paulo marks as her second podium finish in the 2019 VPS season and there’s no better place than home to take first place.

Yndiara Asp in first (middle), Sakura Yosozumi in second (right), and Brighton Zeuner in third (left). Photo: Acosta

In the men’s division, fellow Brazilian and São Paulo native Luiz Francisco shared the podium in second place along with Tristan Rennie from the USA in third. Meanwhile, for the women, Sakura Yosozumi of Japan takes her second VPS podium finish in second and Brighton Zeuner from the USA rounds out the podium in third place.

2019 VPS São Paulo Men’s Winning Runs

Pedro Barros

Luiz Francisco

Tristan Rennie

2019 VPS São Paulo Women’s Winning Runs

Yndiara Asp

Sakura Yosozumi

Brighton Zeuner

2019 VPS Results Men’s Pro Tour, São Paulo

1.) Pedro Barros, BRA
2.) Luiz Francisco, BRA
3.) Tristan Rennie, USA

2019 VPS Results Women’s Pro Tour, São Paulo

1.) Yndiara Asp, BRA
2.) Sakura Yosozumi, JPN
3.) Brighton Zeuner, USA

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