Winter Dew Tour: Thursday in Breckenridge

Winter Dew Tour: Thursday in Breckenridge

Yowza. We got into Breckenridge late Wednesday night, so I woke up early and wandered around this snow-filled haven. The top priority was most definitely to check out the gargantuan Slopestyle Course, tucked off the side of the always hype-inducing Superpipe. I took these snowy pics around 1 p.m., during the Freeski Slopestyle Practice. Conditions only became more blizzard-like as the day continued, ultimately postponing today’s Prelims. Bummer! Rescheduled until Saturday morning, the Prelim will feature a single-run feature to determine which skiers will compete in the regularly scheduled 11:30 a.m. Ski Slope Final.

Trudging down the hill to the Festival Village, I checked out the very svelte Nike 6.0 booth. Look how cute the sneakers look, chilling out in their little window cases, framed ever so nicely by a fresh dusting of snow! Inside the Dew Underground camp,which resembled an arctic circus tent, I heard Fuel TV personality and all-around amazing snowboarder Kier Dillon hammer out some on-camera work while I checked out some rad art. Snowboarding legend Hannah Teter graced us with some finery, as well did Scot Lefavor. We’re not exactly fluent in French, but we think Scot’s last name might roughly translate to “maker of awesome, comic book-loving eye-candy”. In the Dew Merch booth, I chatted with Alison, who said her favorite tee was the all-over print one. She was excited!

Later in the evening we headed to the Toyota’s Antics Party, situated in a beautifully spacious chalet. We got there right when it was really getting packed, and pros and us media folks mingled with drinks furnished by the open-bar, while DJ Kid Koala kept the day’s stoke going with a fantastic set. Lovers of music yet far from encyclopedic about it, we picked out samples from both Company Flow and El-P’s recent solo album, M.I.A.’s insta-classic “Paper Planes,” and some fine picks from the beloved Wu-Tang Clan, which he mooshed up with something I swear he cribbed from Sesame Street. Also, we were shocked how Koala was mixing without the help of headphones! Does he always do that? Are there other DJs who rock it that hard, or is this something unique? The party was so rad that it very much felt the way my non-flash, blurry, colorful photo looks (questions of actual photographic quality aside).

As you can see, today has been a long and very fun one. Beyond taking in some awesome freeskiing and snowboarding, exploring Breckenridge, and partying with everyone at the Toyota Antics party (not to mention adding a bunch of fresh coverage and photos to the Alli site), we’re pretty much pooped. Check back tomorrow, though, for more event coverage and other fun stuff.

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