Trevor Colden Claims Skate Streetstyle Win

Skate streetstyle made its way to the Brooklyn borough and brought with it shipping containers, rails, ledges and the giant 10-stair to cap off the crazy course lining Franklin Street in front of the House of Vans. The adrenaline-fueled crowd was left wanting more once skate streetstyle came to a close for the Dew Tour Toyota City Championships.

The format for the event allowed for every skater to take three separate attempts at the aggressive course, and although the skaters would like their runs to be perfect they were all encouraged to push on in the event of a fall during their run. Ultimately, the best of the three runs determined their final score and placement.

Moment of Relief:

The entire contest was insane. From the various styles of skaters each taking their own lines to the energy on the street between every make and bail, start to finish the event had everyone’s attention — especially all the skaters following Trevor Colden.

After every skater took their first run on the course it was clear that Colden was feeling it and had the right line to take the win. At the end of the second round Trevor was still looking good but the new man to beat was now Evan Smith, who shook up the standings and climbed into the top spot.

With all eyes on Trevor as he went for his final run, he was feeling the pressure. “Oh my god, I was shaking… In my mind I had already blew it. My second run will be my best run and I will probably stick with that,” said Trevor thinking back on his shaken emotions. “Then, I landed everything… and I was extremely happy,” he said clearly still in disbelief that it all came together.

Top Tricks:

Curren Caples – bean plant off the shipping container, nose grind over the first section, kickflip over the Toyota car jump, lipslide on the Jersey barrier, back smith grind the flat white fence rail, ollie into noseblunt transfer over the A-frame wedge, back feeble across and down pyramid rail and a noseblunt on the 10-stair handrail.

Ryan Decenzo – kickflip off the shipping container, indy bone over the first jump, melon over the Toyota car jump, frontside bluntslide on the Jersey barrier, lipslide on the flate white fence rail, back 5-0 on the bump to out ledge and a giant frontside flip over the 10-stair handrail at the end.

Evan Smith – 50-50 off the shipping container ledge, 360 over the first jump, windshield ride the Toyota car, pole jam over the barrels, backside tailslide the flate white fence rail, back disaster revert over the A-fram wedge, lipslide across and down the pyramid rail and a huge kickflip over the 10-stair handrail to flat.

Mike & Ike’s Sweet Trick of the Day:

Before the podium and award ceremony was standalone award was presented by Mike & Ike to the athlete that nailed the “Sweet Trick of the Day,” and that sweet trick was the backside noseblunt slide across the flat, white fence rail pulled by Ishod Wair.

“It was awesome to nail the back nose blunt across the rail on top of the pyramid,” said Wair. “I tried it all three runs, and a couple times in between actually, and finally nailed it in my last run. I’m excited, this is a cool award.”

Winner’s Top Tricks:

Trevor Colden – backside 50-50 off the shipping container ledge, tuck-knee indy over the first jump, ollie over the Toyota car gap, noseblunt on the Jersey barrier, crooked grind pop-out on the flat white fence rail, backside smith grind across and down the pyramid rail and a stylish 360 down the planter gap at the end.

Winner’s Quote:

“This was my first time doing it, it’s amazing. So fun, the way they have it all laid out, it’s a blast. No other contest is putting ramps on the street. Usually when you miss a trick it is over but in this one you can miss a trick and keep going, it’s so fun.” — Trevor Colden

Trevor Colden Claims Skate Streetstyle Win

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