RED HYDROGEN Debuts New Phone AT Dew Tour Breckenridge

The HYDROGEN One is the newest evolution from the camera company some say revolutionized film making and action sports.

We all know that RED has one of the best cameras in the game, but how does the $1295 phone perform? Well, the short answer is we don’t know, but the good news is you will have a chance to check it out this week if you’re at Dew Tour Breckenridge. RED has shown up with an impressive rig and will be posted up to give people the chance to get a hands-on experience with the HYDROGEN One at Dew Tour.

RED HYDROGEN One in all its glory.

What we’ve heard about RED’s smartphone so far is it will give you incredible, high-quality images through its proprietary 4-View (H4V) capture technology and 4-View Lightfield Display (which produces a 3D-like effect on certain screens, without requiring glasses).

The multi-dimensional camera that could.

The camera’s multi-dimensional capabilities are best viewed through the RED HYDROGEN One 4-View (H4V). Along with the H4V tech, the HYDROGEN One also comes integrated with the 2D Pro Mode camera, which includes features like Manual Settings (ISO and Shutter Speed), Bokeh, Color Adjustments, Histogram, and Beautification. These features give the user the ability to dictate the look and feel of the image they are about to shoot.

A side view of the rugged RED HYDROGEN One showing off the unique side grip.

Needless to say, we are interested to check out the HYDROGEN One in person this week.

If you’re at Dew Tour stop by the RED booth Thursday through Sunday on the mountain if you are want to check them out online instead visit RED’s website to locate a dealer near you.

RED War Wagon
The War Wagon is set up at Dew Tour, ready to show off the RED HYDROGEN One.

Check out Stale’s edit he made with the HYDROGEN One over on his YouTube.

All Photos Courtesy of RED.

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