Tanner Hall Q&A

Tanner Hall Q&A

By Mike Rogge

How’s it feel to be back in Vermont?
It feels good to be back in Vermont. It’s been about 8 years since I’ve been here at Mount Snow. This is kind of where it all started for me. I’m stoked man. Who would’ve thought we’d all fly to the East Coast and shred more powder here than we were before on the West Coast. We’re really getting the best of both worlds. There’s a really good halfpipe, good weather and some pow on top of it. It’s a good time.

What are your thoughts on the Winter Dew Tour?
I’m feeling pretty good. It’s all right today. I landed on my head this morning [laughs]. The first Dew Tour stop went pretty good. It’s looking like today and tonight are going to be a little bit better for us and we’re going to get it done. Everyone is pushing it to another level. It’s a different game now, you know what I mean? It’s great to see everyone stepping it up.

What had impressed you the most this weekend?
Justin Dorey’s doubles. He’s just coming out swinging and was throwing down last night during practice. Hopefully he can hang on to his run tonight because if he stomps that run…whole new game.
As far as Slopestyle goes, JF Houle deserves big respect for laying it down with really innovative tricks like his nose butter to pretzel 270. Most people can’t do that trick when they’re filming and he did it in a Slopestyle run. By far the coolest thing I saw yesterday.
Last night during practice, Dorey, Simon, and Duncan… Let me tell you something about this kid Duncan Adams. This kid knows style. He’s the rebirth of Stefan Thomas in the halfpipe. It’s so good to see a kid like Duncan out there super mellow and super humble just getting down to business. He’s a nice kid but he’s a silent killer and he lets his skiing do the talking.

Looking to repeat your performance from the Breck stop?
Always looking to repeat a win. I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve got some shifties going on in my flat 3s now like I had in New Zealand. I had a few crashes in practice but you know, it’s always good to get the crashes out of the way early. Tonight, I’m coming out swinging and leaving nothing back.

Plans for the rest of the season?
After the [Toyota Championship] stop of the Dew Tour, that’s when the real skiing begins. I’m going up to B.C. with [the film company Teton Gravity Research], Seth Morrison, Kye Peterson, and Dana Flare the day after that last stop for some filming. After that I’ll go to Retallack for a couple weeks to ski some pow. After that it’s up to Alaska. It’s going to be good. I’m ready to take my skiing in the big mountains this year to a really big level. I’m getting more confident on my skis when it comes to learning how to read lines. TGR is great because they’re the one crew that really knows what’s up in the backcountry. I mean I’ll be with Jeremy Jones for god’s sake! Just to have a chance to be around Jeremy and ride with him…I’m really excited to gain some knowledge from him and pick that dude’s brain and just watch how he operates in a serious zone. It’s all about safety and the more knowledge you have, the safer you’re going to be.

Any advice for the kids out there hoping to be in the Winter Dew Tour?
Keep skiing. It’s an everyday thing. It’s a lifestyle. This is the life we live and to all the kids out there, if you love it, work hard and you can have anything you want. Put in the hard work and everything will come. The sky’s the limit and dreams are meant to come true and I’m living proof of that. Advice? Keep on shreddin’.

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