Superpark 14: Diaries of a Young Shred

Gatorade Free Flow Tour champion and snowboard slope destroyer Cody Boan, 22, got invited to Superpark 14, held at California’s Mammoth Mountain. Here, he shares the wild experience with Alli Sports.

Article by Cody Boan
Photos courtesy Ryan “Huggy” Hughes

I got the email the day before Superpark started about being invited and went online at work to get a plane ticket, found a roundtrip ticket and packed my bags. I was so excited because it was my first year at Superpark, and if any of you don’t know Superpark is held at the end of every winter and has three resorts make massive features. Then they invite riders from all over to come get wild on them. So I headed from Breckenridge to Denver around 3 in the morning and crashed at a friend’s for about an hour before we headed to the airport. 

Day 1.

First day of Superpark for me was just flying to Reno and finding the bus to Mammoth. As soon as I got there I went to the bus stop expecting that I would have to walk to my friends house and crash on their couch because my phone was dead. While I was waiting for the bus my good friend Flava Dave drives by and pulls over in the Caked Snowboards RV and picks me up. So stoked to get on a bus full of all my homies from the East Coast.

We drove the RV up to Mammoth main lodge and went to the Mammoth Mountain Inn where my friends were staying. Tons of dudes… Yale Cousino, Jeremy Cloutier, Matts Coulisek, Ben Sullo, Dubbers, Luke Haddock, filmer/editor Eric Durand… The names go on and on, all packed into one room. So I figured they had plenty of room and threw down a couple bucks for my floor spot. I grilled out for a lil and hot tubbed it up and then headed to bed early…ZzZzZzZzZ

Superpark 14: Diaries of a  Young Shred

Lonnie Kauk

Day 2.

Woke up extra early and had some delicious fruit smoothies for good energy and headed to get my credentials. Got my credentials and met all the homies at the gondola to get in some pre-shreddin. It was windy as all hell so they pulled us out at halfway and made us get on a different lift. Finally got over to the Superpark and I felt like a little kid at Disney World. So much to do, what do I start with it? It was ridiculous. 

I headed down to the tent and got my board nice and waxed to hit these big jumps. After I finished I waited for Yale and the homies to roll by so I could cruise with them and we went up to session the 80-ft. stepdown towards the top. You had to pretty much point it all the way that day to clear it because it was slow. After a good session we headed down to try and hit some of the lower jumps but it was windy and a little slow so we just took a lap and headed to the Gatorade tent to get some lunch. Turkey and ham sandwichesss, mmmm…. Lunchtime is a lil Cinco de Mayo party at Superpark. 

All the homies are hanging out and you see a lot of people you don’t normally get to. I saw Johnny Lazz running around all crazy and had to say happy birthday. Superpark was full of birthdays this year. Decided to head over to Main Park at Mammoth with Kale Hill and some Canadian shred dudes. They were just dominating every rail feature in their path, back 3 out on front one and just silly tricks that they look like they did since they were babies. Finished up the shred sesh and went for another hot tub and bbq sesh to ease the muscles. Then went in and passed out. I was super tired since I hadn’t ridden in a couple weeks. 

Superpark 14: Diaries of a  Young Shred
Niki Korpela

Day 3.

I woke up pretty stoked. It’s my birthday and I am at Superpark, doesn’t get much better than this! Did some stretching and ate a banana before heading up to the hill. Got up to Superpark early and got to shredding before most people got there so it was really fast still and we hit up the bottom two jumps a little bit. They were my favorite. After about the third run down people started to show up and I heard mad homies screaming happy birthday from the lift. I was getting more and more stoked every minute of my birthday and having the most fun.

After we had pork bbq lunch at the Gatorade tent everyone headed up to the 108-ft. Loon jump to watch the crazy sesh go down. It was a little intense with people getting hurt at first so they were limiting who was allowed to hit it and I got turned down. Bummer, but the session was still sooo sick to watch go down. First guys to hit it were Jeremy Thompson, Tyler Flanagan, Matts Coulisek, Jeremy Clouitier, and a couple other guys. Tyler was slaying it with some biggg backside spins including a gnarly back 10 deep and stomped it.

After we watched everyone session it for a while I wanted to ride again real bad. I get ADHD really bad when I have to sit and watch other people snowboard but I can’t. Headed to Main Park at the end of the day again then back to the hotel. Started to feel kinda sick and ended up taking a nap at like 4 or 5 and not getting up and even going out for my birthday.

Superpark 14: Diaries of a  Young Shred
Jeremy Thompson

Day 4.

I woke up feeling much better then the night before. Headed up to the hill and rode around and got a couple shots with Durand and the boys. We decided to head out a day early from Superpark and left that afternoon after lunch. Drove back to Lake Tahoe with Ben Sullo and Eric Durand, got some In-N-Out in Carson City on the way and was feeling soooo good. I love that place, best burgers in the country quite possibly.

Went out to Johnny Lazzs B-Day party in Truckee that night and crashed at Eric’s spot. Then got up early, found my wallet and dragged Ben out of bed so he could take me to the Reno airport. Two planes later I am back in Colorado and wondering what I am gonna do now. The season went wayyy too fast. Work? Or Mt. Hood Camping…yeaaaaah!!!!


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