Stevie Churchill Dominates BMX Street Session

Dan Lacey dominated the BMX Street Session last year, winning both the jam and the Best Trick contest, but this year the rest of the riders returned ready to take him down a peg. Battling it out in the sands of Ocean City, MD for another thirty-minute jam of ten riders taking turns on the 9-stair set, handrail and hubbas.

The crowd was buzzing with excitement to say the least, more accurately they were ecstatic and nearly destroying their vocal cords as they surrounded the street section dropped straight on the beach. Between the technical showing from Stevie Churchill, the beastly Dakota Roche, stylish Ty Morrow and the rest of the riders, this event was completely up for grabs.

Pressure-Cooker Moment:

For the most part the session allowed the riders ample time between tricks as they rode in an organized jam session taking turns. However, despite the format making for a smooth and organized session when you have 10 of the top street riders all going trick for trick there is bound to be a moment of heightened intensity.

If you were to ask the winner he’d say there wasn’t one, but if you were to ask the rest of the riders and even the judges the pressure-cooker moment was undoubtedly right after last year’s champ Dan Lacey threw a 360 over the rail to ice pick — absolutely insane!

Top Tricks:

Dan Lacey – Switch hangar to overtooth on the rail, backward double peg to nose manual to tooth on the ledge, fakie double peg to over switch tooth and his 360 over the rail to ice pick won him the event’s Best Trick award for the second year running. Dennis Enarson – without touching his pegs throughout the entire street session he pulled a tire slide the rail, switch tailwhip down the set, a tailwhip down over the rail and then a 180 tailwhip right after time. Sean Ricany – barspin to smith to nosebonk barspin out.

Winner’s Top Tricks:

Stevie Churchill – Suicide no-hander, 540 the stairs, truckdriver over the rail, 180 barspin over the rail and an insane suicide to ice pick on the rail.

Winner’s Quote:

“I was tight. I can’t believe it. I didn’t expect to come out and come up on first. It was such a cool session with all the homies.” — Stevie Churchill

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