Men’s snowboard slopestyle qualifiers ignited the week of competitions at Dew Tour Breckenridge. Following two days of pristine practice conditions under bluebird skies, the first qualifier event took place under challenging flat-light conditions, but the riders powered through, though their were signs of complication. Only 23 runs were completed from top to bottom between 28 riders each getting two runs. Just prior to the event Kyle Mack had to pull out, and Eric Willett looked to have popped his shoulder out of socket after a spill on the first jump that resulted in him passing on his second run entirely.

The most consistent riders looked to be Ryan Stassel (though on his first run he opted to spin between the Stanley rails rather than slide), Judd Henkes (who opted to skip past the Toyota rails on his second run), Brandon Davis, Brock Crouch, Red Gerard and Stale Sandbech—all of which managed to complete both of their runs. Stale looked to be in a league of his own. After the first runs were completed he was sitting comfortably in first place.

At the end of the event, he bested his first run score that landed him as the only rider to crack into the 90s. Stale’s best run included a transfer front board 270 out, boardslide transfer to boardslide, switch backside double cork 1080, cab 1260 stalefish, boardslide to fakie, cab hard way 270 out, frontside 1080 indy and a backside 1260 mute to finish.

Barely squeaking out of the qualifier and into the final, Mark McMorris found himself sitting on the bubble and being the 12th and final rider to advance to the final. Tune in and watch the men’s snowboard slopestyle final live on Saturday at 10:15am on
Photos by: Andrew Durso & George Crosland

Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle Qualifier Results

  1. Stale Sandbech (NOR), 90.33
  2. Red Gerard (USA), 80.66
  3. Mons Roisland (NOR), 78.33
  4. Brock Crouch (USA), 76.66
  5. Judd Henkes (USA), 74.33
  6. Emil Ulsletten (NOR), 73.33
  7. Tyler Nicholson (CAN), 72.66
  8. Max Parrot (CAN), 72.33
  9. Darcy Sharpe (CAN), 71.33
  10. Chris Corning (USA), 71.00
  11. Nicholas Baden (USA), 70.66
  12. Mark McMorris (CAN), 68.33

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